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Passengers of The 'John'
The following is a compilation of
(a) passenger details lodged at the Plymouth Custom house prior to sailing,

(b) Plymouth And Stonehouse Journal reports of survivors (10th May 1855) and subsequent events,

(c) other information from History Society members and

(d) other information from the 1851 census.

Ages are indicated where known; Where no age is known a '?' is shown. An age followed by a '?' indicates that the age cannot be determined with absolute certainty from the newspaper.

Those known to have survived are followed by (s) and those known to have drowned by (d). Others are presumed to have drowned. Those who gave evidence at the trial of Captain Rawle are followed by (w).

Family relationships are only included if they have been evidenced.

Additional information can be found at Mark Sandford's Barque John web site, under Web Site Links.

Name s,w,d Age Rel./Occupation Residence Note
Cabin Passengers
HELE E (J?) Carroll (s) 20 (swam ashore) Shaldon, Devon R
HORNBROOK,Mr 45 Shaldon, Devon
KNUCKEY John (s) 35 (lately in Australia) Stithians, Cornwall R
MOREY William (s) 22 Isle of Wight
MOREY, Mrs 35
Steerage Passengers
ASH Charlotte 22
Ash W.H. 1?
AUTRIDGE Henry 51 Ag Lab St Budeaux, Plymouth, Devon
Autridge Honor 51 wife
Autridge Elizabeth 16 daughter
Bartlett James 1?
BONE John A (s) 34 Smith of Devonport, Devon
Bone Ann 32 wife
Bone Jane A 10
Bone Amelia 7
Bone Anne 2
Bone Richard 40
   or BAWDEN
(s) 23 Labourer South Molton, N Devon
BROCK William (s) 22 Labourer Dawlish, Devon
BURNETT John 24 Labourer
CHANT Mark (s) 19 Labourer West Chinnick
CHURCHWARD Wm E    (s) 31 Plumber Stonehouse, Devon
CLAMPETT James (s) 32 Labourer Newton Abbot, Devon
Clampett Eliza 24 wife
Clampett Emma J 1
CLEMENCE William (s)(w) 44 St Kew, Wadebridge R1 R2
Clemence Caroline (s) 44 wife
Clemence Mary A (d) 21 daughter
Clemence Caroline (d) 17 daughter
Clemence Elizabeth (d) 13 daughter
Clemence W Henry (s) 11 son
Clemence Ann (d) 8 daughter
Clemence Ellen (s) 7 daughter
Clemence Robert (s) 4 son
   or CREPER
(s) 25 Shoemaker Davidstowe nr Boscastle
DAW Robert 36 Labourer
Daw Johanna 37 wife
DAWSON William (s) 22 Carpenter Lustleigh, Newton Abbot
   or DYMOND
(s) 30 Labourer Kingsbridge
DOIDGE Susannah 51
Doidge Jane 25
Doidge Frances 6
Doidge Jane 2
Doidge Eliza 21 Servant
DOWN William H (s) 25 Stonemason Dartmoor
Down John (s) 30 Smith Lifton
Down Wilmot ? 28 wife
DREWE Samuel Wm (s) 20 Exeter
EASTCOTT James 59 Labourer
Eastcott Jane 57 wife
Eastcott Jane 12
Eastcott Elizabeth 10
Eastcott Mary 2
Eastcott Sarah 30 ?
Eastcott W.H. 7
Eastcott Mary J 6
Eastcott Elizabeth 3 ?
Eastcott Ann 3
Eastcott John 1
ESCOTT Mary 21 Servant
Escott Thomas (s) 13 Labourer Tavistock
Escott Jason (s) ? Tavistock
FEATHERSTONE Sam’l 47 Journeyman Carpenter Swimbridge, N Devon.
Featherstone Mary 47 wife
Featherstone Mary A 24 daughter, Servant
Featherstone Betsy 23 Servant
Featherstone Jane 19 Servant
Featherstone Harriet 17 daughter, Servant
Featherstone John 13 son
Featherstone George 11 son
Featherstone Lucy 8 daughter
Featherstone Sarah 4
GIBBINGS Philip 35 Ag. Lab. Zeal Monochorum, Devon.
Gibbings Mary 27 wife
Gibbings Thomas 7 son
Gibbings Samuel 5 son
Gibbings George 2
GARLAND John (s) 34 Labourer St Teath, Camelford
Garland Mary 42 wife
Garland John 6
Garland William 4
Garland Ann 1
HALLETT William (s)(w) 28 Farmer Exeter R
Hallett Eliza (d) 23 wife R1-2
Harris William 10
Harris Mary J 3
HAYNE Edwin/Edward (s) 21 from nr Exeter
HELLIER Robert (s) 38 of Poltimore, nr Exeter
Hellier Ellen 36 wife
Hellier William 12 son
Hellier Dinah 10 daughter
Hellier Harriet 8 daughter
Hellier Anna (Hannnah) 6 daughter
Hellier Robert 4 son
Hellier James 1
HILL Thomas (s) 28 Shoemaker London
Hill Fanny 23 wife do.
Hill Betty (s) 3 do.
Hill Emma 1 do.
HOCKEN Henry (s) 19 Shoemaker St Mabyn, Bodmin
Hocken James &/or John (s) 24 Carpenter St Mabyn, Bodmin
HODSOLL Ann 40 Barnstaple
Hodsoll Nancy 17
Hodsoll Joseph 13
Hodsoll George 12
Hodsoll Rosina 10
Hodsoll Sarah 8 ?
Hodsoll Emma 5 ?
Hodsoll Sophia 3
Hodsoll Eliza 1
HONEY James 45 Labourer
Honey Betsy 45 Wife
Honey Maria 21 Servant
Honey Tamson 19 Servant
Honey Francis 18 Labourer
Honey Eliza 16 Servant
Honey Jane 13
Honey Thomas 11
Honey Edward 3
HONEY Robert 36 Baker
Honey Mary 31 wife
Honey Samuel 10
Honey Susan 8
Honey Lucy 6
Honey John 5
Honey Emma 1
Honey Mark 1
HOUGHTON John (s)(w) 35 Miller R
JEFFERY Henry (s) 24 Labourer Calstock (with bad leg)
Jeffery Maria 25 wife
Jeffery Mary A 4
Jeffery William Henry 1
KELLY William 18 Labourer
LACY Henry (s) 19 Labourer Meriot, nr Crewwkerne
LANDER Joseph 24 Tailor
Lander Ann 22 wife
LANGSFORD Nicholas (s) 49 Mason Luxhilyon, St Austell
MARTIN Harriet 30
Martin Richard 11
Martin James Henry 9
Martin Maria 3
Martin Georgina 2
MEAD Richard 19
MORCOMBE John (s) 25 Labourer Lifton
Morcombe Jane 22 wife
Morcombe George 4
Morcombe John 2
Morcombe Ellen 1
MORRELL Joseph 30
Morrell Maria 22
MORTIMORE Dinah 25 Servant
Mortimore Eliza 20 Servant
NORTH Henry (s) 34 Carpenter Colyton, nr Exeter R
North Mary (d) 28 wife
North Henry P (d) 5
North Eliza (d) 3
North George (d) 1
PATTEMORE Simon (s) 19 Labourer Merriot, nr Crewkerne
PAUL Ellen 21 Servant
PEARSE Elizabeth (s) 35 Servant Plymouth R
PEDRICK George (s) ? Labourer Kingsbridge
PENMAN Mary A (s) 19 Servant Plymouth R
PHARE John (s) 29 Shoemaker Lifton
Phare Eliza 26 wife
Phare Eliza 6
Phare John (s) 4 Lifton
Phare Elizabeth 2
Phare Mary G 1
PINCOMBE Thomas (d) 43 Miller South Molton, N Devon R
Pincombe Sarah 44 wife
Pincombe Jane (John) 13 daughter/son
Pincombe Elizabeth 11 daughter
Pincombe Betsey 9 daughter
Pincombe Richard 6 son
Pincombe William 4 son
Pincombe Mary 1
PINE James 18 Tilemaker
Pine Sarah A 25 Servant
PYNE Nathaniel 65 Tilemaker Honiton
Pyne Mary 59 wife
Pyne Elizabeth 38 Servant
QUINTEL Samuel (s) 29 Stonemason Newquay, St Columb
RADMORE Samson (s) ?
Radmore Mrs ?
REED Nicholas (s)(w) 32 Labourer St Ives R
RODD Elizabeth 30
ROGERS Mark (d) 48 Labourer
Rogers Ann (d) 40 wife
Rogers Samuel (s) 15 Jersey R1
Rogers Mark (d) 4
Rogers Mary A (d) 3
Rogers Rogers(?) (d) 1
SANGER Amos 43 possibly Bradninch, Devon?
SEARLE Robert 23 Labourer
SELDON William (s) 21 Stonemason Devonport
SHORE Thomas 18
SHORT Joseph (s) 21 Callington
   or SKEWES
(s) 25 Shoemaker Falmouth
SOLOMON Solomon (s) 17 Plymouth
SPILLER Fanny 17 Servant
STOYLE William P (s) 43 Plasterer Plymouth
Stoyle Frances 41 wife
Stoyle Frances E (s) 19 daughter
STUDDEN Michael (s)(w) 35 Shoemaker Launceston R
Studden Elizabeth (d) 37 wife
Studden Christopher (d) 12
Studden Robert (d) 8
Studden Jane (d) 6
Studden Susan (d) 4
Studden Austin (d) 1
TANGYE Edward (s) 25 Redruth
THORNBY Wm (s) 36 Servant Jersey R
Thornby Susan (s) 36 wife Jersey
TILMAN John 31
Tilman Charity 27 wife
Tilman Henry A 4
Tilman George J 2
Tilman W. Chas. 1
TINKHAM John (s) 20 Labourer Totnes
TOLLEY Edward (s) 20 Chudleigh
Tolley Harriet 20
TOM Mary P 21 Servant
Tom William (s) 17 Labourer Blisland
TRELEAVEN William (s) ? Wadebridge
TURPIN William (s) 20 Labourer Lustleigh, Newton Abbot
VINEY Rosina 47 Servant Honiton
VIVIAN Grace 32 Poss of Cornwall?
WALTERS Stewart 43 Musician
Walters Louisa 43 Wife
Walters Amelia 18
Walters Henrietta 11
Walters Charles 7
Walters Adolphus 6
WALTERS  William
(s) 40 Miner Beeralston    R
Walters Mary (s) 40 Wife do.
Walters Richard (s) 14 Miner of do.
Walters Betsy A (s) 13 daughter do.
Walters John (s) 11 son do.
Walters William 10 son do.
Walters James (s) 8 son do.
Walters Mary (s) 6 daughter do.
WESTACOTT Edward (s) 40 Shoemaker Dorset
Westacott Ellen 33 wife
WHALE Mary 40
Whale Samuel 13
Whale Frederick 10
Whale John 8
Whale Elizabeth 1
WILCE George (d) ? (head) Hamble, St Kew, nr Wadebridge
Wilce Alfred (s) ? (brother)
Wilce Jemima (s) 19 (brother)
Wilce Rachel (d) 16 (sister)
Wilcocks Edward 12
Wilcocks Sarah A 11
WILLIAMS Robert (s) 33 Labourer Wyke Regis, Dorset
Williams Maria 32 wife
Williams Rachel 10
Williams Susan 6
Williams John 5
Williams Eliza A 2
Williams Robert 1
WOOD Jane 32
Wood Samuel 6
Wood John 5
Wood James 3
Wood William 1
WOODMAN James 50 Labourer
YELLAND Wm.Henry (s)(w) 35 Sawyer Devonport R

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