The Mohegan Tapes

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The audio recordings made in 1966 by Alan Smith under the direction of Bernard Rogers. All of the people on the tapes have close family links with the events of that night, back in 1898, and they portray a night of heroism, confusion and death which must have affected the quiet parish of St Keverne for many years.

Bernard_Rogers.mp3Interview #1
Bernard Rogers.mp3
Introduction by Bernard Rogers about the Shipwreck of the SS Mohegan on the Manacles reef, in 1898.
Joe_Rogers.mp3Interview #2
Joe Rogers.mp3
Joe Rogers was born in Rosenithon in October 1893 and was five years old at the time of the disaster. Some of his recollections are his own, others are from members of his family who were personally involved both during and after the events of 14 October 1898. Joe, as a child, remembered being disturbed by the rocket which was fired from Tommy Noye's field above Porthoustock because the noise reverberated to such an extent that the windows rattled. His sister, Dora, heard screams from the front steps of the Rogers family home in Rosenithon...

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