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St Keverne Local History Society
Local History Society

The Local History society website holds the archive of Canon Diggens who was vicar in St Keverne at the end of the 19th century.

The archive includes information on Antiquities, Shipwrecks, Rebellions, Ancient Customs, Superstitions, Smuggling, The Old Manors of St - Keverne....

Also on the site are Parish Records of baptisms, marriages, burials and census, some dating from 1580.

Included are tape recorded memories of people who remembered the Mohegan disaster in 1898 (mp3).
The shipwreck of the Barque John, Old Parish Photographs of St Keverne and Coverack, Old Documents, Downloads, Guest book, etc..
A Quick Guide to some of some of the Villages of The Lizard Peninsula. Includes an interactive map to help you find your way around, from Helston down to the Lizard Point.
      Old News     

Friday 23 September 1836
- Several seans have enclosed a quantity of fine pilchards at Perhala, Proustock, and the Lizard, some of which have been brought to Falmouth and sold at 2s. per hundred. It will be late for the Foreign market, but the benefit of the poor being able to lay in their winter stock will be great.
The south coast appears to abound with fish, which show a disposition to come in to the shore.

14th October 1836
- An extraordinarily large carrot has lately been drawn in the garden of Mr. Jas. Michell, grocer, of St. Keverne, measuring in length 14¼ inches, in circumference 10½ inches, and weighing 1 lb 12 oz. more...
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Cornwall Online Parish Clerks
The old genealogy records in this database have been donated by volunteer transcribers worldwide. Although every effort has been made to ensure that the transcriptions are as accurate as possible, researchers are advised to consult the originals for themselves.

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Diving the Wrecks of The Lizarddiver First choice for divers on their annual south-westerly pilgrimage. Last stop for hundreds of ships. Clear water. Great deeps. Shallow rummages. A reef named the Manacles. All things to all divers.

Welcome to the Lizard!

The Lizard is not named after some legendary beast - although it is a land where such stories abound.
The Lizard sticks out into the Channel so far that it is the biggest ship trap in British waters. In fact, so many ships have fallen victim to the Lizard's cliffs and underwater reefs that the Admiralty advises navigators to keep three or more miles off shore in any kind of rough weather
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to continue to save lives at sea and fund their plans for the future, they need your help.

Air Ambulance Air Ambulance
We depend almost entirely on the community, local business and the dedication of our staff and volunteers to ensure Cornwall will always have helimed 181 to call upon, and on behalf of all our patients, and their friends and family, we want to say a very big thank you for everything you did to help us. Please help support us again this year.