Old News - St Keverne Parish
extracts from The West Briton

26 August 1836
On Saturday and Sunday last, there were about 100 hogsheads of pilchards taken at Coverack, about 40 at Porthallow, and about 50 at the Lizard. Some catches have also been made at Mullion, but the particulars have not reached us.

23 September 1836, Friday
Pilchard Fishery
- Several seans have enclosed a quantity of fine pilchards at Perhala, Proustock, and the Lizard, some of which have been brought to Falmouth and sold at 2s. per hundred. It will be late for the Foreign market, but the benefit of the poor being able to lay in their winter stock will be great. The south coast appears to abound with fish, which show a disposition to come in to the shore.

14th October 1836
Gigantic Carrot
- An extraordinarily large carrot has lately been drawn in the garden of Mr. Jas. Michell, grocer, of St. Keverne, measuring in length 14¼ inches, in circumference 10½ inches, and weighing 1 lb 12 oz.

6 JANUARY 1837, Friday
- Bridge End St. Winnow, Helland Bridge, and St. Keverne Jan. 10th
- Grampound 18th
- Bodmin 25th
- Quethiock 30th

24 MARCH 1837, Friday
Henry HARRIS, 29, charged on oath with having stolen several sheaves of barley, the property of Anthony Roberts, of the parish of St. Keverne. Wm. Libby, an assistant coast-guardsman, on going to his duty at five o'clock in the morning, and passing through Mr. Robert's mowhay, saw someone with a bundle; he pursued the person, who ran round the mowhay. Libby turned and met the prisoner, and said to him how can you plunder your neighbor? He said, for God's sake say nothing, consider my family. You have a family too. Mr. Roberts, hearing a noise, looked out of the window and asked what was the matter. Libby said come down and see. The prisoner had removed the sheaves from the mowhay, and tied some up in a rope. He was found guilty, and sentence of 7 years transportation was passed on him.

19 MAY 1837, Friday
- In consequence of several dogs in Truro having been bitten by a mad dog, belonging to Mr. Willoughby, a farmer of St. Keverne, which passed through this town on Monday last, the Mayor and Edmund Turner, Esq. one of the borough Magistrates, have directed that all dogs found at large from the present time till the eleventh of August next, are to be destroyed. We hope the order will be strictly carried into effect.

9 JUNE 1837, Friday
Fairs in Cornwall in June:

- Tywardreath 10th
- Grampound and Menheniot 12th
- St. Merran 15th
- Breage and Lanlivet 19th
- St. Keverne and Saltash 20th
- Constantine and St. Veep 21st
- Wadebridge 22nd
- Mawgan in Pyder, Pelynt, Pool, Twelveheads in Gwennap, and Wainhouse Corner 24th
- Newgate in St. Stephens by St. Austell 26th
- Camborne and Polperro 29th

4 August 1837, Friday

John CURNOW was tried for stealing an axe, the property of John Roscoe of St. Keverne, in the month of May last. Guilty; six months' imprisonment and hard labour.

24 November 1837, Friday
Pilchard Fishery
- On Thursday evening, the 23d instant, about 900 hogsheads of very fine pilchards were taken in two seans, the Rose and the Unity, off Newquay. Several shoals have passed through St. Ives bay during the week, but none have been taken by the seans. On Tuesday, some fine fish were inclosed at Coverack, but the roughness of the weather prevented a part of them from being secured.

4 September 1846, Friday
Indication of Approaching Winter.
- On Thursday morning, the 27 th ult., Mr, Francis Keverne, of Halwin, in the parish of St. Keverne, observed among his ducks, in his farm yard a fine ?teal, which he suceeded in shooting in the course of the morning.

18 January 1850
On Monday last at Swanpool beach, Falmouth, Mr W TRUSCOTT of Trenoweth, and his sons, who were landing weed, discovered the body of a man, which had lost the head and one arm. It is supposed to be the body of one of the crew of the Jersey brig, which was lost a few weeks since on the Manacles. The Smack "Hannah" of Bude, James METHEREL, master, was, when on her passage from Hayle to Newport, in ballast, on Friday morning driven ashore waterlogged at Mort Bay, near Ilfracombe, and has since become a total wreck. Nothing of value of the property has been saved. The vessel belongs to the master, and is not insured. The crew were saved. During the gale which blew from the eastward on Sunday night last, the brig "Tyebo", WING, master, of Wisbeach, about 130 tones register, was driven into Sparnon Cove, Near Kennack, in the parish of St Keverne.

15 March 1850
- On the night of Friday last, the 8th inst., about twelve o' clock in a thick fog, the Sunderland brig, "Rosetta", Captain HARRINGTON, with a cargo of about 400 tons of coals, bound from Sunderland to Alexandria, struck on one of those dangerous rocks, the "Manacles". It appears that she must have knocked a hole right through her bottom, as the water made a few passage into her. There seems no chance of her ever getting off again at low water, as she is nearly dry. This is her first trip since she underwent a repair at a cost of upwards of £500. the crew and materials were saved. The following inquests have been held before Mr HICHENS, coroner;- On the 15th and 16th instant, at the parish of St Keverne, on the bodies of three male persons, two of whom were found on the beach at Porthoustock Cover, in that parish, and the other was first discovered floating in the cove within a short distance of the shore. They are supposed to be the bodies of three of the crew of the French lugger "Marie Annie," of Morlaix, which sunk near Porthoustock on the 20th of January last. Verdict, "found drowned."

20 September 1850, Friday
- Two oxen were slaughtered by Mr. JAMES, butcher, of St. Keverne, and exhibited in Helston market on Saturday last. The carcases weighed 19 cwt, the tallow weighed 3 cwt. 2 qrs. The cattle were fed by Mr. Mark HENDY, of Sowannah, in Gunwalloe.

3 June 1853, Friday
- On Monday last, the foundation stone of a spacious School House was laid in the parish of St.. Keverne. The want of a better room and of an improved system of teaching, have long been felt by the people here, and more especially by the poorer inhabitants, who, not having the means of paying for the education of their children, have we fear too much neglected this great and important duty. We have no doubt that the beginning of a better state of things has now been made. Great praise is due to the curate, the Rev. O. MANLEY, and to the Committee for the seal and ability which they have shewn in the establishment of the school, which has been carried out almost entirely by voluntary contributions.

27 January 1887, Thursday
A Child Burnt to Death
- An inquest was held at Traboe , St. Keverne, on Friday, by Mr. CARLYON, county coroner, respecting the death of Elizabeth Mary DOWNING, eight years of age, and daughter of William Downing, labourer. On the afternoon of the 10th inst. the mother was out of the house for a short time, leaving the deceased with three younger children. Shortly afterwards an aunt to the children, who lives next door, heard screams coming from her sister's house, and on going in saw the deceased in flames. The child said - "Aunty, I am burning." Without a moment's delay the aunt took off her wraper and put it around the burning child. Then she carried her out and rolled her in the mud, which put out the fire. The child was badly burned from the knees upwards, the skin coming off with the remnent of clothes unburnt. The aunt's hands were severely burned in putting out the fire. The fright and burn were too much for the child, and although every remedy was applied by Mr. LEVERTON, surgeon, St. Keverne, she succumbed to her injuries on the 29th. The child was playing with the fire when the accident happened. A verdict of "Accidental death" was returned.

24 March 1887, Thursday
Game Trespass At St. Keverne
- William Tripconey, George Retallack, and Mark Retallack, of St. Keverne, were summoned at Helston on Wednesday last, before the Rev. A.A. Vawdrey and Capt. Rogers, R.A., for a game trespass on Namble Moors, St. Keverne, the property of Mr. G. Williams, on the 4th inst. The defendants were seen hunting with three dogs on the moors. They were seen to catch one rabbit, and told the keepers that they had caught eight before. - For the defence it was contended that defendants were on an adjoining farm. - Fined 5s. and 11s. 10d. costs each.

18 July 1887, Monday
The Wesleyan Conference
- The Wesleyan Conference is held this year at Manchester, and will formally commence tomorrow (Tuesday) at half-past nine a.m. The Stationing Committee assembled on Tuesday last, and commenced the preparation of the first draft of stations, which was completed on Thursday evening. The appointments to circuits in Cornwall are as follow: - Cornwall District: Redruth - Joshua Mason, Charles J. Back, W. Barlow Brown; Camborne - Edwin O. Coleman, George H. Appleby, Thomas Darlington; Falmouth - Charles Crawshaw, John Jackson (A), John H. Wilkinson; Truro - John Rhodes (B), Samuel Gregory; Newlyn East - William Ball; Gwennap - William Robinson, M. James Elliott; St. Agnes - William H. Major, Henry Williams; St. Austell - James E. Gargreaves, Charles F. Braithwaite, William Hindes; Mevagissey - William T. Pullen; St. Mawes - James Langley; Bodmin - William J. Wilkinson, John Kernick, Thomas H. Bailey; St. Columb - Arthur R. Humphreys, Frederick Halliday, William G. Corke; Penzance - Edward Workman, Alfred Llewellyn, Frederick R. Bell; St. Just - Frederick Barber, George Fryar, Arthur J. Summerhill; St. Ives - Henry W. Catton, William Evans; Scillly Islands - Josiah W. Harboard; Helston - Samuel Mile[?r/s?], William I. Bennett; Porthleven - Alexander F. Fogwell, T. Hardy Banks, B.A.; St. Keverne - William S. Winter; Hayle - William J. Graves, Arthur Bourne, Richard Hill; Marazion - James Nicholson, G. German Brown; District Missionary - Richard P. Davey.

11 August 1887, Thursday
Bad Investment
- An old woman named Martha Champion, of St. Keverne, has recently become chargeable to the common funds of the Helston Union. The Guardians have ascertained that the woman some years ago lent to a man named Thomas Williams, now residing in Windmill-street, Smethwick (Birmingham), the sum of GBP 20, only a small portion of which, it was stated at the meeting of the Board on Saturday, had been repaid. The Clerk had communicated with Williams, who has replied stating that he has repaid GBP 21 of the amount, and is willing to pay 2s. 6d. per week to the Board so long as Mrs. Champion is in receipt of relief, until the whole of the loan is paid off. - On the motion of Canon Tyacke and Mr. Penrose, it was decided to accept this offer, but to ask Mr.Williams for a detailed account to be compared with Mrs. Champion's. The man is now working for 19s. a week.

14 July 1837, Friday

On Thursday, the 6th instant, at St. Keverne, Mrs. Constantine Tripconey, of a son.

September 7, 1838
On the 27th of August, at Trelease, in St. Keverne, Mrs. John Carlyon, of a son.

24 November 1837, Friday
At St. Keverne, on Friday last, Mrs. Phillip Williams, of a daughter.

8 December 1837, Friday
At Trabo, in St. Keverne last week, Mrs. C. Oates, wife of Mr. C. Oates, innkeeper, of a daughter.

December 7, 1838
At Trenithon, in St. Keverne, on Sunday last, Mrs. W. Carlyon, of a son.

28 June 1839, Friday.
Last week, at Trabo, in St. Keverne, Mrs. Christopher Oats, of a son.

6 December 1850, Friday
At Tregaminion, in the parish of St. Keverne, on the 23rd ult., the wife of Mr. John DAVIES, a son.

3 June 1853, Friday
At St. Keverne on the 26th ult., the wife of Mr. Christopher OATES, a son.

1 January 1836, Friday

Last week at St. Keverne, Mr. John Barker to Miss Jane Richards; also, Mr. W. Johns of Covy, to Mrs Mary TROUNCE, of the former parish.

April 6 1838
At St. Keverne on Thursday last, by the Rev. Joseph Pascoe, Mr. John Rolf, of St. Martin, to Miss Harriet Martin of the former parish.

10 February 1837
At St. Keverne, on Tuesday last, Mr. C. Oats, to Miss Exelby.

8 February 1839, Friday
At Helston, on the 5th instant, Mr. John Richards to Miss Elizabeth Martin. Also, Mr. Thomas Stanton to Miss Elizabeth Michell, of St. Keverne.

26 July 1850, Friday
At Penzance, on Saturday last, George APPLETON Esq., of St Keverne, to Miss Emma TREDWIN, of Penzance

7 November 1887, Thursday
RAPSON - ROSKILLY - At the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Helston, November 3, by the Rev. W.S. WINTER, assisted by the Rev. James E. HARGREAVES, John Rapson, son of William Rapson, Esq., Clowance Farm, to Caroline (Carrie), daughter of Mr. William Roskilly, merchant, Coverack.

17 February 1837, Friday

At St. Keverne, at an advanced age, the wife of Mr. Thomas Pearn, sen.

2 July 1837, Friday
On the 14th ult, in St. Keverne Alms-house, George Thomas, aged 87 years.

14 July 1837, Friday
At Halurin, in St. Keverne, on Wednesday the 5th instant, Mr. John Gilbert, a wealthy farmer, much lamented by his numerous circle of friends, aged 51 years.

25 August 1837, Friday
At Treleange, in St. Keverne, on Saturday the 19th instant, Mr. Jacob Lawry, yeoman, aged 57 years.

2 March 1838
On Thursday, the 22nd ult., at Trenithon, in St. Keverne, the infant son of Mr. Wm. Carlyon, aged eight months.

15 March 1839, Friday
At the Vicarage-house, St. Keverne, on Monday, the 4th instant, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, the Rev. James, Pascoe, vicar of that parish, aged 47 years, leaving a widow and seven children to lament their loss.

17 May 1850.
At Trelan in the parish of St Keverne, on the 9th instant, Mr Joseph BOADEN, aged 71 years

20 December 1850, Friday
At St. Keverne, on the 12th instant, Mr. John CARLYON, Coast Guard, aged 38 years

11 February 1853, Friday
At Trelavean in the parish of St. Keverne, on the 28th ult., Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. John SMITH, aged 66 years.

25 March 1853, Friday
At Strangways Terrace, Truro, on Tuesday last, James eldest son of the late Rev. James PASCOE, Vicar of St. Keverne, aged 29 years.

25 April 1887, Monday
HOSKIN - At the Hotel, Coverack (the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Sye), Ann, relict of John Hoskin, coastguard, aged 82.

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