Crew of the Barque John

The 'John' : The Crew Agreement

The John of Plymouth, 464 tons, registered 1849 Plymouth Master Edward Rawle

Agreement signed 26th April 1855 at Plymouth:

Voyage to Quebec and or any port or ports in North America
And back to a port or ports of discharge in the UK

17 hands shall be considered a sufficient crew

William Goodwin 37   born Spalding Mate
Edwin Elliott 25 born Devon Boatswain
William Jas Ellery 26 born Bodmin Carpenter
John Hewett 37 born Boscastle Steward
George Thomson 35 born Edinburgh Cook & AB
James Curry 25 born Sligo AB
William Hughes 24 born Plymouth AB
Samuel Christian 28 born Isle of Man    AB
Thomas Cowley 39 born Isle of Man Ordy
Edward Venning 25 born Boscastle AB
Spiro Burganisy 42 born Corfu AB
William Rowe 20 born Boscastle AB
Nicholas Court 24 born Port Issac AB
John Harris 23 born Plymouth Ordy
Lewis Jones 20 born Wales AB
George Harkell 24 born Devon Cook
Andrew Elder 44 born Glasgow AB
William Thomas Dixon     apprentice
James Smith     apprentice
William Hughes     never joined ship.
Source: Public Record Office, Kew, Surrey [BT 98/4275].