Canon Diggens Archive

Old Verses by James Mitchell.

The Selling the Poor.

All hearts of pity pray now lend an ear To a relation that is written here Which I endeavour here for to unfold Concerning of the poor that late was sold,

Late in St. Keverne they agreed to take Part of the Church a Vestry Room to make Which being compleated straight they did repair to chase out Pharoahs the poor's complaints to hear.

Whose hearts was like the Nether Milestone hard From everything they asked they were debarred of necessaries which they ought to have Which oftentimes in tears of them they craved.

A great Tyrannus from Trevenveth came To join the Vestry, Ivy was his name He had not long been there among the core Before he did propose to sell the poor,

Some made objections others did agree At length it was carried by a majority Ivy count them over, quickly with a pen Set down the names of Fourty Labour Men,

Thus put to auction and like cattle sold As Amos in his prophesy has told (chap 8. verse 6) Or like goods taken in Distress for Rent Without reserve to sell them they were bent.

The little Chimney Sweeper he was sold For just two pence a day as we are told With brush and scraper he around must strut To clean the chimneys out of all their soot,

Thus the great Farmers that has gold in store To do their slaveing work bought all the Poor And with hard labour they must swet and pant While Wife and Children lie at home in Want.

But stay awhile there will a Vestry come When all men must appear to hear their doome Then these great men who now the poor do sell Will then the Almighty's Dreadful vengence feel.

Unless in time they do reprent and pray That God may take their hardend sin away which may He grant to all both Rich and Poor That we in Heaven may Dwell to sin no more.

Going for twopence halfpenny, if no more bid a penny more.