The Plymouth Passenger Ships To Quebec
Letter from The Siam


The following letter from the passengers by the ship Siam was received by Mr Wilcocks on the 19th inst.- "Quebec, Lower Canada, May 20th, 1855. -

I am authorised by the majority of passengers on board your ship Siam, to write you an account of our safe arrival at Quebec. Capt. Chapman was exceedingly kind to one and all of us passengers, from the highest to the lowest; in token of which kindness a collection was made among the passengers, and a sum realised enough to purchase a gold watch guard, which was duly presented him as a slight acknowledgement of his kindness, for which we returned him our sincere and heartfelt gratitude. We are pleased to sat that we arrived at Quebec before the Oriental, although she sailed a week previous to us, and the Rose nearly a fortnight. We should feel greatly obliged to you, Sir, if you would get this letter or any portion of it, published in the Plymouth Journal, or any other paper you please. Our passage occupied 28 days, but had it not been for meeting with ice in the Gulf of St Lawrence, we should have arrived much earlier.

    From, Sir, yours respectfully,

In the name and by the wish of the majority of the Siam's passengers.