Carole Rashleigh's Family

I started my Family Tree research about 4yrs ago when I retired from teaching. It has been a fascinating journey of discovery, brickwalls and exciting finds.     Click here to view my Family Tree

I am the first Rashleigh for many generations to have been born off the Lizard Peninsula. I was born in Falmouth. My father Garfield R. was born in Porthallow, the son of William Thomas R. and Elizabeth (Pascoe). William Thomas was a fisherman and I believe a lifeboatman or coast watcher. He was drowned in 1919 while on a shopping trip to Falmouth with his eldest son Gordon, aged 13yrs. Gordon's body was never found.

This tradegy sent my Grandmother, with my father and two older sisters to live in Helston with her brother Arthur who lived in the Regents Hotel. My father grew up there from the age of 2yrs.

My G Grandfather was also a fisherman in Porthallow. My G G Grandfather, John James R, was the only member of his family who remained in England.John James gave up farmng and became a fisherman. His father John, died young. This John farmed at Porthkerris near St keverne. His wife Phillis (Symons from Breage) married Wm Kinsman and produced 6 more children. After the potato blights in the 1840s and 50s Wm and Phillis went to S. Australia in 1851.

Wm Kinsman died a few years later. Phillis became a driver of the post carrier from Mitchem to Adelaide. I was sent an inquest from accident she had, by a descendent. Apparently as she was driving back to Adelaide one day, a baker's boy came galloping around a corner. He was avoiding a deep puddle, when he hit the post cart in the middle of the road. The passenger riding beside Phillis was killed, and Phillis injured. The inquest decided it was an accident caused by both parties!

The generations from 3x G Grandparents back to 7 x G Grandparents were all farmers in the Meneage villages. Among them Gillywortha, Gillywollas, Lestowder, and Tregasso. All the Rashleigh wives from these generations also seemed to have come from farming families in the Meneage.

Censuses and the 1841 Tithe maps have given me a lot of information on these families. I have all the Parish Records or Marriage Certificates of every generation.

John R senior (1767) had a bastardy bond taken out against him in 1801. I believe the resulting child was Peter Martin son of the Jane Martin quoted in the Bond. In 1815 John junior (1795) also had a Bastardy Bond against him. The child was Betsy Rashley Mitchell , born to Anne Mitchell. Like father like son. Though this did not stop him becoming a churchwarden later! John R senior and most of his family are buried under the large yew tree opposite the door of Manaccan Church. Though his wife Magaret is named on the grave, she is buried at her famiy's home in St. Anthony in Meneage. So one can surmise she never forgave John his infidelity!

I have an indenture for Mary Stapleton 9yrs old, who was taken from the Workhouse to work for John R as an apprentice in 1821.
It reads :
"That he John Rashleigh, the said apprentice in the art of housewifery shall teach and instruct, or cause to be taught and instructed in the best way and manner that he can find, provide and allow unto the said apprentice, meet, competent and sufficient meat, drink and apparel, lodging, washing and all other things necessary and fit for an apprentice." This was to last until she was 21yrs old or until she married.

My most excitng find came, when on a visit to the Cornwall Family History Soc. in Truro, produced a letter from a lady in Wales. She had been given a Bible years before with Rashleigh names in it. I knew at once these were the family of John R senior. However the letter was dated 9yrs before and she had moved. I eventually contacted Radio Wales who put out an appeal. A friend of the lady heard it and this resulted in me buying this Bible.

My research is on going. I recently discovered, with the help of Terry Moyle, both my G Grandmother, Susanna Nicholls and my GG Grandmother Elizabeth Nicholls, are related to the Nicholls, masons of St Keverne for generations. And incidently related to each other.

Carole Rashleigh