General Interest

Coverack - Old Images
Old Images of Coverack, Lifeboats etc.

St Keverne - Old Images
Old Photographs and postcards..

Diet of Fishermen 1848
by the Rev. C.A. Johns, published 1848

Demise of Vestry Council
In 1894 the burden of authority....

Parish Archaeology
St Keverne Parish Archaeology

Parish Council History
St Keverne Parish Council by Michael Wearne

by Bernard Rogers

Rogers' Rosenithon
by Bernard Rogers

Seine boat fishing 1909
Pilchard fishing with seine boats

The Barque John
The Shipwreck of The Barque John

The Mohegan tapes
Recordings made in 1966 - mp3 format

Medieval peat cutting
Peat cutting on the Lizard Peninsula

St Keverne village wells
From the Memories of Billy Moyle
The Tale of Boden Fogou
by Margaret Hunt

The Water Mills of St Keverne
by Anthony Unwin

Index of 18th & 19th Century Documents
held by St Keverne Local History Society

History of St Keverne Church
by Frank Curnow

Methodist Churches
of St Keverne Parish

Death Roll of The Manacles
A Crowded Churchyard 1901

Prehistoric use of Gabbroic Clay
from the Parish of St Keverne

Topography of the Parish of St Keverne
by Charles Henderson MA

Old Documents Archive
Family Documents, Solicitors holdings, Deeds and Leases

Old St Keverne News
Extracts from old editions of the West Briton newspaper.

Porthoustock cottage
From the memories of Billy Moyle.

Harry Perry and Feast Week
From the memories of Billy Moyle.

St Keverne Working Men's Club
From the memories of Billy Moyle.