Canon Diggens Archive

Marble and other Monuments in the Parish Church

Robert Hill
Here Lyeth the body of Robert Hill Esquire who departed this life ye 5th of June Anno Dom. 1657.

Duram patientia frango,

Thomas Toll
At the end of the South Aisle near the Chancel a slab is inscribed by a kind of anagram. It runs thus,

Here lyeth the body of Thomas Toll of Pennare, Gent. who changed this life for a better the X day of September. Anno Domini 1668.

Anag Thomas Smooth Tall

In converse Smooth, Faire, Plaine and void of guile
Of stature Tall whose loss we do bewaile
Triumphing death is this thy Victory
By death to give me immortality.
0 death, by death, for ever live I must
I then begin to live when in the dust
I did return, oh death then doe not say
That in thy Conquest, thou did'st win the day
Mine head shall weare the bays,
thy skull shall be naked and bare unto Eternity.

(This may be considered a good example of the prevailing taste of the period).

George Tregosse
Near this place lies the body of George Tregosse, Late of this Parish,
Merchant, who died on the 30th day of January 1710. (age 73).

A man of Justice, Virtue, Charity
Lies here interr'd whose antient Family
Old Records tell, and likewise did inspire
His generous soul with a true British fire
Merchants from far, the Rich the Poor contend
Who had the greatest loss in such a friend.
His candid Temper, Hospitality
Firmness to 's Church and Steady Loyalty
Conjugall Fondness and Parentall Love
Entitled him (we hope) to joys above
Where may he rest, From Pain and trouble free
In endless bliss, to all Eternity.
Best here awhile, my dearest Part of me
I'll shortly come, Lie down and Best with thee.
Devoted by Death, awhile we must remain
But time will come when we shall meet again.
When the Trump sounds to call the Saints to rest
Then we with them together shall be blest.

Coat of Arms
Incledon impaling Tregosse

Mary Hoskins
Near this place are deposited the earthly remains of Mary Hoskin, daughter of George Hoskin and Ann, his wife of Tregowris, in this parish. She departed this life on the 24th day of April, 1801 aged 86 years.

Eleanor Hoskins
Near this place are deposited the earthly remains of Eleanor Hoskin, daughter of George Hoskin, and Ann his wife of Tregowris and the last survivor of that family who were for many years respectable inhabitants of this parish, She departed this life on the 12th day of March 1812 aged 96 years.

William Digby Sandy’s
To the memory of William Digby Sandy's of Trinity College, Cambridge, who died at Lanarth on the 25th of September 1814, as he entered his nineteenth year, having found the blessedness of that state described by the Apostle to the Romans "That being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 5th. 1.

Mark the triumph of faith in the only wise God our Saviour.

His remains were interred in this Churchyard.

Mary Buchanan Sandy’s
In Memory of Mary Buchanan Sandy's who died at Lanarth the 6th day of 1825 aged 12 years, and was gathered as a Lamb into the bosom of the Great Shepherd. Described by Isaiah. Thus exemplifying the prophecy in the 8th Psalm and II Verse. See also Matt 21 chap l6 Verse and Luke X chapter and 21st Verse.

The last hours of this dear Christian child were consecrated by the mercy of God, through faith in Him whom Thomas emphatically pronounced His Lord and His God.

Lieut. Colonel Sandy’s
Sacred to the Memory of Lieut. Colonel Sandy's late of the Honourable East India Company's Service on the Bengal Establishment, and one of his Majesty's Justice of the Peace for the County of Cornwall, who departed this life 21st of August, 1829 in his 70th year, and whose remains are interred in a vault at the west end of this Church. As a soldier he was conspicious for intrepidity, particularly in the Mysore War of 1792, under the command of Lord Cornwallis, and was rewarded with high offices on the Staff of that distinguished nobleman when Governor General and Commander in Chief in India. In 1802, on his return to England he settled on his paternal estate at Lanarth in this parish. His integrity, as a Magistrate, his unaffected piety, and extensive benevolence gained for him the esteem and regard of all around. His memory will be long affectionately revered and cherished. He died in the happy realization of the truth and blessedness of that Gospel which had been his stay and solace during a long career of years. His hope was in Christ, his end was peace. "The memory of the just is blessed".

Allan Sandy’s
Sacred also to the memory of Allan Sandy's, Esq., M.A, Late of Trinity College, Cambridge, son of the above, who departed this life on the 21st of April 1828 in his 29th year. His remains are interred beneath the parish Church of St. Andrew's, Holborn, London,

Eliza Sandy’s
Sacred to the Memory of Eliza Sandys, relative of the above Col. Sandys, who died at Truro on the 26th of November 1857, aged 74 years and is interred in the family vault,
The lord Jehovah is my strength and my stay. He also is become my salvation.
Is. 12 chap. 2nd verse.

Jacob Lory
To the Memory of Jacob Lory, Gent of Tregoning in this parish, who died A.D. 1854, aged 85 years, and was interred in this Churchyard. During a long life of consistant industry, temperance, and frugality, he honestly accumulated wealth. He was a true believer in the Church of England, in whose consaunion he lived and died a loyal subject to his king and attached to the institutions of his country. Near his grave lie the remains of Alice his wife who died A.D. 1825 aged 78. She was a kind mother, and a faithful wife, she partook his cares and added to his success. A sincere and humble Christian who never made an enemy. She lived in peace and charity and died in hope of the resurrection through Christ.

In gratitude to his parents their son Jacob has erected this tablet 1856.

Jacob Lory
To the memory of Jacob Lory of Treleague in this parish, who died Aug. 19th 1857 aged 57 years.

In testimony of gratitude for his kindness this monument is erected by his brother William R.N.

Richard Saunders
To the memory of Sichard Saunders, fourth son of Joseph and Elizabeth Saunders of this parish, who died at Pensang East Indies Oct. 4th 1848 aged 40.

For many years an Officer in the East Indian Service and subsequently Commander. Latterly a member of the Firm of Messrs Saunders May & Co., merchants of Calcutta. Through life he maintained a life of inflexible virtue, integrity, and honourable exertion. As a husband, father, son, brother, and friend, tender dutiful and affectionate. He lived a Christian, and died a Saint,

They that sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him.

Also of Mary Alexandrena the beloved child of Richard Saunders and Charlotte his wife who died on board the Dido off Pensang July 10th, 1845 aged 10 months.

"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"

Rev. Claudius Sandys
Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Claudius Sandys, son of the late Lieut. Col. Sandys of Lanarth and Chaplain in the Honourable East India Company's Services in the Bombay Presidency who closed his earthly career at Belgaum in the East Indies.

Deeply lamented by his relatives and friends and by many to whom he had been a faithful and affectionate pastor.

He shall not be afraid of evil things. His heart is fixed trusting in the Lord.

This tablet is erected to his loved memory by his sorrowing widow

Elizabeth Grylls
Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth wife of Gerveys Grylls, daughter of Elizabeth Saunders. Her remains are deposited in Stoke Damerel Churchyard in which parish she died November 27th 1852. Her spirit is returned to God who gave it.

This tablet is erected by her sorrowing husband and child.

Rev. Daniel and Mrs Hariot Evans
In memory of Rev. Daniel Evans, Vicar of this parish who died April 5th A.D. 1854. Aged 83 years.

Also of Hariot, his wife, died October 3rd 1846. Aged 75 years.

Elizabeth Mary Grylls
To the memory of Elizabeth Mary daughter of Gerveys Grylls, and of Elizabeth his wife. She fell asleep in Jesus Dec 2nd 1861 aged 24 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Amongst her last words were "I am not the least afraid to die, all my doubts and fears are gone. Jesus is with me".