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At the bottom of Meadow Lane which runs from Tregellast port to Rosenithon, where it joins the St. Keverne, Rosenithon road, on the right hand side there are traces in the hedge of walling. The corner is known as Nancy Cox Corner and for long I could not find out who was Nancy Cox, though tradition had it that she had a monkey.
However before he died old Mr. James Pengilly told me that she had a Burhouse - what was called a Tiddywink - why a beerhouse on a lane, hardly more than a track, untill comparatively recently, which led to nowhere but a very small hamlet? But taking into consideration the monkey and the view over the Manacle Rocks and the fact that so little is known about it, it seemed obviously the headquarters of a smuggling organisation.

Going back a few hundred years pack ponies could go from there up Meadow Lane and except for Tregellast farmhouse, whose owner was no doubt "in it" they would pass no dwellings till they reached the Thatched Cottage at Doath Lodges.

In 1958 when the water pipes were being laid to supply St. Keverne an underground passage five feet wide was unearthed on the left of the St. Keverne - Coverack footpath in the second field in, on the St. Keverne side of the Meeting Stiles. Unfortunately it was not properly explored before the pipeline was filled in but it seemed to run from the old pit in "Parc Jackay" towards Tregellast Pool.
I have wondered if it came out in the top left corner of bog garden opposite Tregellast and if it was in any way connected with the Nancy Cox Tiddywink for under the West bank of the garden there is an old stone track, and leading from the Corner for a few yards there is a row of very large stones, like paving stones. All so convenient as a hiding place if the excise men were in the neighbourhood.
(Miss E. Bulkeley - recordings).

As Austin Pengilly mentions there were several homesteads with paddock down meadow lane. Parts of "walling" are apparent now if you look closely along the hedge. At the upper paddock near Tregellast Pool lived an old fish Jowster complete with donkey cart. Many deep and wide trenches across the paddock are filled with millions of Limpet shells.

Tregellast Pool now filled in to make a wide road. Formed a common drinking place for all neighbouring farmsteads.