Saint Keverne

The true form of the name of the patron Saint of St.Keverne appears to have been Akeveran. In the 13th century an attempt was made to identify him with the better known Irish Saint, Kierian. This attempt was, perhaps, due to the Cistercians of Beaulieu who acquired the Church circa 1230, and whose sister houses in Southern Ireland would have made them well acquainted with St.Ciaran or Kieran. At the Reformation, however, the popular and more correct spelling, Keveran or Keverne, came back again.

(St.Achebrannus of Lannachebran, 1085; St.Akeveranus, 1201; St.Akevranus 1278; St.Akeferan 1295; St.Kaveran 1236; St.Kyeran 1240; St.Kyeran 1265; St.Kieran 1280; St.Keveren 1580).

saint keverne cornwall
. Professor Nicholas Orme