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From Polwheles "History of Cornwall"
Vol II. Page 45.

In St. Martin's are now living several very old people, particularly a man of the name of Roberts who was born in St. Keverne in the beginning of the year 1717. He walked hither on the 10th of June 1805 to lay a complaint before me as a Magistrate, and told his tale so well that on hearing his age I was surprised and for a while incredulous. That St. Keverne is not more remarkable for the fruitfulness of its soil than for the long lives of its cultivators.

John Roberts Roskilly Gate 107
John Cullen Tregarn 101
John Nicholls Trenance 97
Ann Warren Namboll 97
At 94 she walked from Namboll to Rosenithon 5 miles one afternoon. She was hearty at the time of her death.

Jacob Bryant Roscorlath 94
Mary Jago Churchtown 93
Relative of the Rev. Mr. Jago.

John Harris Chinhall 82
Sampson Sandys Lanarth 82
Late Rector of Landewednack and Ruan Major

John Lobb Tregarn 81

The following were living in St. Keverne Feb. 1st 1805.

Jane Harris Trelan 95
Mary Huthnance Traboe 91
Mary Milren Churchtown 91
Elizabeth James Cowisack 90
Eleanor Tripconey Chiventon 90
Eleanor Hoskin Churchtown 89
She was Aunt of Mrs. Gilbert of the Priory, Bodmin, a lady whose towering size of intellect has almost made me a convert to the Godwinean doctrine of the equality of the sexes.

Jane Jenkin Porthoustock 89
In 1804 I had some conversation with this old lady who was lively and alert and appeared not to have one complaint. I conversed with her respecting the year 1745. She said it was the most calamitous period Old England ever knew.

Mary Wood Churchtown 95
Thomas Odgers Chywednack 95
Janes Kevern Long Meadow Lane 92
Ann Hawke Chivrane 92
Ann Williams Tregarn 90
Thomas James Trelan-vean 90
Richard Milren Chivrane 89
Walter Nicholls Poorhouse 88
Judath Walters Churchtown 88
Daughter of the Rev. Jago and relative of
the Rev. Mr. Walters, Maryston, Devon.

Wilmot George Trevallack 87
Hannah Lawrence Treskewis 86
Mary Hoskin Churchtown 86
Aunt of Mrs. Gilbert of the Priory, Bodmin.

Philip Williams Tredinick 85
John Hocking Tregaminion 84
Mary Roberts Gilly 84
Joan Nicholls Lesneague 84
John Nicholls Trenithon 84
William Nicholls Lesneague 83
Henry James Coverack 83
Elizabeth Incledon Treloyan 87
Thomas Francis Poorhouse 86
Francis Johns Ladn-vean 85
William Polter Grougath 85
Aaron Martin Porth-vean 85
Mary Williams Trenance 84
Elizabeth Pentecost North Corner 84
William Maliken Trevalsoe 84
Elizabeth Giles Trelan-vean 84
John Gilbert Poor house 84
Constance Lobb Halwyn 83
Elizabeth Jenkin Porthoustock 82
Elizabeth Maliken Poorhouse 82
William Pearce Trenoweth 81
Margaret Rule Arrowan 81
Ann Richards Poorhouse 81
Mary Davies Lanarth 80
Margaret Nicholls Churchtown 80
Richard Cuttance Porthoustock 80
and 44 more persons between 70 and 80.