The Rule Family of St. Keverne

James Rule and Jenny/Jane (nee Mitchell)
Married at St Keverne 7 October 1828.
Jane and Jenny were the same name in Cornwall (as I believe in Welsh)
Children baptised at St Keverne -
James 1829,
John 1831,
Thomas 1833,
Henry 1835,
William 1836,
Richard 1838,
Jane 1839,
Francis 1841,
Edwin 1842 and
Elizabeth 1846.
James Rule was a mason of Churchtown

Thomas (1833) married Elizabeth Mitchell in 1857, Jane (1839) married Robert James and Edwin(1842) married Charlotte Jane Richards.

Edwin Rule and Charlotte Jane (nee Richards)

Married at St Keverne on 15 August 1878
Edwin died 1911 and Charlotte in 1913
Their children (baptised St Keverne Methodist) are
James Stuart (1880),
Francis Henry (1886) and
Jane Marianne (1881)
Jane Marianne died in 1883,
Francis Henry in 1931 and James Stuart in 1960.
Edwin Rule was a master grocer of St Keverne.

James Stuart Rule

Married Alice Rogers at St Keverne Methodist in 1907 but she died aged 30 in 1909.
He then married Ethel Jory and they had one child -
Francis Edwin born in 1921.

Stuart Rule and his son Frank were organists at St Keverne Methodist for much of the period 1900 - 1963.
Stuart Rule was a master grocer at St Keverne

Francis Edwin and Joyce Marion Rule

Frank and Joyce were married in Salisbury Methodist Church in about 1946.
They had 4 children -
Andrea Frances,
Patrick Stuart and
Anthony James.

The family was closely involved with St Keverne Methodist church until they left to live in Salisbury in 1963.

I was in contact with Frank Rule until his death in Salisbury in August 1996 - we corresponded about the Rule family tree for several years.

I am still in contact with his children Janet and Anthony, both in Salisbury.
This particular Rule family probably came from Breage (James born 1800) was the son of Oliver Rule and Elizabeth (nee James) who were married at Breage on 8 September 1793 Frank thought that the family had its roots in Camborne but had not found the link at the time of his death.

Terry Moyle