Taped Memories from 1966
The Mohegan 1898
The Wrecking of
The SS Mohegan 1898

  Introduction by Bernard Rogers,
Sunday 30th October 1966

(audio in mp3 format 555 Kb)

  Joe Rogers
(audio in mp3 format 3,559 Kb)

Bentley Tripp Part 1
(audio in mp3 format 9,243 Kb)

Bentley Tripp Part 2
(audio in mp3 format 2,811 Kb)

Link - Bernard Rogers,
Monday 31st October 1966

(audio in mp3 format 290 Kb)

George Lory
(audio in mp3 format 3,159 Kb)

St Keverne Local History Society is grateful to Mrs Collen Rogers for permission to reproduce these recordings

The Mohegan tapes contains the audio recordings made in 1966 by Alan Smith under the direction of Bernard Rogers.
All of the people on the tapes have close family links with the events of that night, back in 1898, and they portray a night of heroism, confusion and death which must have affected the quiet parish of St Keverne for many years.

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