Carter family of Rinsey,
Breage Cornwall

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  X634/25  - date: 1825 or later 
      (Recites will of James Pascoe, St. Keverne, clerk, decd. 14 July 1767. Annuity of £20 to wife 
Margaret (decd.). Residue of estate to trustees his wife, Margaret Pascoe; John Hoblyn, Helston, 
surgeon, (decd); Anthony Williams, clerk (decd.); Thomas Hichens of St. Ives. In trust for testator's 
son, James Pascoe. 
   FILE  [no title] - ref.  X634/68  - date: 3 August 1872 
 To wife Eliza Jane Randle whilst she remained unmarried (for life) £10 rent charge on testator's 
freehold ten. at Rosenithon in St. Keverne, occ. by Joseph Matthews. £10 rent charge from freehold 
farm and lands near St. Keverne Churchtown occ. by Mrs. James. £5 rent charge from freehold farm 
and lands called Carnhewas in St. Keverne occ. by Wm. China. 1/6 part in commuted tithe rentcharge 
apportioned on Lory's Trevallack in St. Keverne and 1/6 of commuted tithe rent charge of Plumeneth 
in St. Keverne, also 1/6 of commuted tithe rent charge on Kestle Merris in St. Keverne. 
 To brother and sister of John James, St. Keverne, butcher (decd.) £10 by equal division. 
 To poor inhabitants not receiving alms or parochial relief of St. Keverne and St. Martin in 
Meneage - £10 to distributed at the discretion of the executors. 
 To niece Emily Carter, wife of Mr. Francis Carter of Rinsey, Breage, and her sister Esther Carter 
(wife of Mr. John Carter) as tenants in common: life assurance policy on life of Mary James dated 10 
March 1834 (Norwich Union), £10 yearly charged on farm near St. Keverne churchtown. 
 To nephew James Edwin Randle (son of late brother James Murrish Randle) freehold farm near 
church town of St. Keverne, occupied by Williams James, for life then his heir(s). With power to make 
leases up to 21 years. 
 To sister Esther Ann Thomas (wife of Mr. Joseph Thomas of Colroger, Mullion) freehold farm at 
Rosenithon, St. Keverne. For life with power to make leases for 14 years. After her decease to her son 
Alfred Randle Thomas. 
 Wished Miss Jen Johns and her sister Eliza Johns to occupy leasehold dairy farm at Trelaminny, 
St. Keverne on same terms and with same privilages as they held Trelamining from Testator.


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The above records were compiled by Diane Donohue - On-line Parish Clerk