Cornish Documents, Deeds, Leases etc.

FILE [no title] - ref. X 806/6 - date: 1919 Sale catalogue, Falmouth estates in St. Clement, Kenwyn, St. Allen, St. gnes, Perranzabuloe, Crantock, Cubert, St. Mabyn Newlyn East, St. Enoder, Ladock, Creed, Probus, St. Stephen in Brannel, Cuby, Veryan and St. Keverne


FILE [no title] - ref. X 224/13 - date: 1751-1899 Trenance, Polherno, house and lands, the White Hart, Tregoning and Tregoning Mills, St. Keverne

Properties in several parishes

FILE [no title] - ref. X 224/32 - date: 1894 and 1899 Priske, Mullion; Trenance, St. Keverne; Skewes, Cury

FILE [no title] - ref. X 224/33 - date: 1885-1918 Tregellast in St. Keverne and Park Venton in Sithney

ESTATE ADMINISTRATION Leases (including mine setts, copyhold estates etc.)

FILE [no title] - ref. X 224/57-59 [n.d.] Houses. Trevallack. Ring alias Plain in Landvean Newhouse tenement, St. Keverne churchtown, Tregonning mills. Park-an-plain. Ladden Vean. Park Bean fld. near Rosenithon. Polkerris and Treskewis (also Gwendreath, Grade.) Penmeneth. Penmenna. Polhernoe. Trenance. Tredower. Traboe Vean. St. Keverne.

Deeds, leases and others property documents relating to St Breock, St Columb Major, St Keverne, Sancreed and elsewhere St. Keverne Deeds

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/59 - date: 26 Nov. 1713 (1) John Sandys of St. Keverne, gent. John Gilbert, Richard Williams, Anthony Hoskyn, John Sandys of Pengarrock, Anthony Tonkin, George Harris, Hanibal Thomas and Thomas Banfield of St. Keverne, gent. (2) John Heame of St. Keverne, esquire Tithes of the rectory of St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/60,61 - date: 25, 26 Apr. 1728 (3) Benjamin Heame of St. Keverne, gent. Trelandvean and Bawden's Tenement, St. Keverne to the use of (1)

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/62 - date: 6 Oct. 1730 (1) Richard Pearce the younger of St. Keverne, yeoman (2) Richard Pearce the elder of St. Keverne, yeoman Messuage and tenements at Rosewick, St. Keverne and Bawden's Tenement

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/63 - date: 24 June 1732 Tithes of Rectory of St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/68 - date: 4 June 1759 (1) Elisha Martin of St. Keverne, carpenter Tithes of Park an Pons, St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/70,71 - date: Michaelmas Term, 5 Geo. III (1764) 3 messuages, 3 cottages, 3 gardens, 4 orchards, 60a land, 10a. meadow, 50a pasture, 40a furze and heath. 30a. of moor and common of estover, pasture and turvary in Crowsan, Goonhilly and Trelandvean, St. Keverne.


FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/72 - date: 20 Feb. 1632/3 (2) Haniball Hayme of St. Keverne, gent Messuages, lands and tenements at Trelandvean, St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/73 - date: 25 Mar. 1709 (1) John Heame of Trelanvean, St. Keverne, gent. (2) Mark Shepard of St. Keverne, husbandman

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/74 - date: 29 Sep. 1723 (1) Alexander Heame of Trelandvean, St. Keverne, esq. (2) William Frances of St. Keverne, yeoman

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/75 - date: 24 June 1747 (3) John James of St. Keverne, yeoman

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/76 - date: 24 June 1747 (2) John James of St. Keverne, yeoman Tithes of the rectory of St. Keverne

Mortgages and settlements

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/77 - date: 29 Sep. 12 Anne (1713) (1) John Sandys of St. Keverne, gent John Gilbert, Richard Williams, Anthony Hoskyn, John Sandys of Pengarrock, Anthony Tonkyn, George Harris, Hannibal Thomas and Thomas Banfeild of St. Keverne, gent (2) Robert Heame of St. Keverne, gent. Some of the tithes of the rectory of St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/78,79 - date: 4 June 1721 (1) Mary Heame of St. Keverne, widow Tithes of the rectory of St Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/80 - date: 25 Jan. 1722 (2) James Arthur of St. Keverne, yeoman Tithes of the rectory of St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/81 - date: 7 Aug. 1733 Bernard Richard the younger of St. Keverne, yeoman (3) George Bowden of Tregellant, St. Keverne, yeoman (4) William Odger of Trenance, St. Keverne, yeoman Tithes of the rectory of St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/84 - date: 31 Mar. 1746 (4) Anne Cheffer of St. Keverne, widow

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/85 - date: 20 March 1746/7 (1) John James of St. Keverne, yeoman Tithes of Tregellant, St. Keverne.

St.Keverne Deeds

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/89 - date: 6 May 1790 Treland Vean and Bawden's Tenement, St. Keverne and tithes of the rectory of St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/90, 91 - date: 29, 30 Jan. 1791 Treland Vean and Bawden; tenement, St. Keverne and messuage, tenement and house in Penryn.

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/92, 93 - date: Easter Term, 31 Geo. III (1791) 3 messuages, 4 gardens, 300a pasture and 300a furze and heath, St. Keverne


FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/95 - date: 10 Aug. 1744 (2) Philippa Shephard of St. Keverne, singlewoman

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/96 - date: 10 Sep. 1765 (2) John James of St. Keverne, yeoman Treland Vean and Bawden's Tenement, St. Keverne with its tithes

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/97 - date: 25 Dec. 14 Geo. III (1773) Philippa Shepherd; tenement, part of Treland Vean, St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/99 - date: 18 May 1778 (2) Moses James of St. Keverne, yeoman Shepperds tenement, Treland Vean Barton, St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/100 - date: 29 Sep 1783 (2) Thomas James of St. Keverne, yeoman 1/4 part of Trevithian, St. Keverne, part of the manor of Skewis

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/101 - date: 24 June 1793 (2) Jacob Warren of St. Keverne, yeoman Vean Garrack on Goonhilly Down, St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/103 - date: 28 Feb. 1797 (2) John Smith of St. Keverne, yeoman

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/105 - date: 28 Apr. 1797 (2) Richard Dunstone of St. Keverne, yeoman

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/106 - date: 25 Mar. 1799 (2) Jacob Warren of St. Keverne, yeoman Vean Garrack, Goonhilly Downs, St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/107, 108 - date: 16 June 1817 (2) John Smith of St. Keverne, yeoman John Smith the younger of St. Keverne, yeoman Barton of Treland Vean, St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/109, 110 - date: 20 May 1841 (2) Elizabeth Smith and James Smith of St. Keverne, yeoman Barton of Treland Vean, St. Keverne (200a)

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/111 - date: 5 July 1855 (2) Richard Smith of St. Keverne, yeoman Barton of Treland Vean, St. Keverne (200a.)

Abstracts of title

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA2355/224 - date: 1909 Abstract of title of L. S. L. Van Grutten to Roskear, St. Breock; Trevean and Trevorrian, Sancreed; Guildford, Phillack; Tresaddern, St. Columb Major; Trelandvean, St. Keverne and Tregarrack, Wendron

FILE [no title] - ref. X112/5 - date: 30 April 1807 Parties (as above), to Ely Cuttance of St. Keverne, yeoman.


FILE [no title] - ref. X112/75 - date: 29th. September, 1729 2. John Williams of St. Keverne, yeoman. Lease for three lives (John Williams and William Wills) of closes called Park an yett, Park an Bean, Park an Pons, in Roskorle, St. Keverne.

FILE [no title] - ref. X112/76 - date: 22nd. September, 1758 1. Joseph Richards of Landewednack, yeoman, Bernard Johns, yeoman, John Richards of Helston, joiner, and John Johns, Joiner, executors of William Odger of St. Keverne. 2. Richard Hocking of St. Keverne, yeoman. Assignment of mortgage by 1 to 3 of eastern part of Parkanyett, Parkanbean and Parkanpons, part of tenement of Roskorle, St. Keverne.

FILE [no title] - ref. X112/78 - date: 15th. August, 1855 2. Simon Keverne of St. Keverne.

FILE [no title] - ref. X112/79 - date: 28th. September, 1800 Bond by 1 to 2 in £1000 to pay rent of £250 on Lannarth and Trevean, St. Keverne, leased to Richard James for 14 years.


FILE [no title] - ref. X112/155 - date: 29th September 1689 2. John Bodey of St. Keverne, yeoman Lease for 3 lives of fields in part of tenement of Trenance, St. Keverne.

FILE [no title] - ref. X112/156 - date: 25th September, 1698 2. John Sandys of St. Keverne, gent Counterpart lease for 3 lives of messuage of Tregaminion, St. Keverne.

FILE [no title] - ref. X112/157 - date: 20th June, 1746 1. Phineas Nancarrow of St. Keverne, yeoman, and Thomas his son 2. William Wills of St. Keverne, mariner Assignment of lease of tenement of Trabo Vean, St. Keverne for remainder of term by way of mortgage

FILE [no title] - ref. X112/158 - date: 23rd February, 1764 2. John Boddy of St. Keverne Lease for 3 lives of tenement of Tregaminion, St. Keverne


FILE [no title] - ref. X112/162 - date: 14th February, 1707 3. Wearn Nicholas of St. Keverne, yeoman

Miscellaneous Documents Estate.

FILE [no title] - ref. X112/354 - date: 1799 Valuation of manor of St.Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA1255/1 - date: 1698-1753 Deeds (7 out of 8 are leases) of tenements in ROSECARNAN, and CARSELLAND in St. Keverne. Most relate to houses and plots and a fish cellar in Coverack, St. Keverne and some of the leases are inscribed 'manor of Namboll'.


FILE [no title] - ref. BRA984/18 - date: 30 Mar. 1807 (1) Jn. Roberts of Mawgan, yeo, and w. Mary, to (2) Jn. Huthnance of St. Keverne, gent. (a) 1/5 part of Tretharrup with common of pasture and turbary on that part of Goonhilly Downs which belongs to manor of Trabo, in St. Keverne and St. Martin;


FILE [no title] - ref. BRA984/27 - date: 7 Mar. 1771 (1) Hugh Robearts of St. Keverne, and w. Alice, to (2) Wm. Sale of St. Martin-in-Meneage, gent.

FILE [no title] - ref. BRA1857/44 - date: 10 April 1469 Notice (indented) of grant from James Draynek, Joan his wife, Joan lately widow of Wm. Peryn, Alexander Heyme and Joan my wife (sic.) Walter Trethewy and Isabella my wife (sic) John Wolcok and Joan my wife (sic) with the consent of Robert Eyre cousin and heir of Peter Eyre of Eresey to the said Robert, Thomas Eresy and Alice his wife (daughter of said Robert) all their heirs all messuages and tenements which Thomas Rosywyk chaplain together with Ralph Eyre brother of the said Peter had of the gift and grant of the said Peter in Eresy, Gwyndrayth, Tregowrys and Chywarton (Erisy in Ruan Major, Gwendreath in Grade, Tregowris in St. Keverne and (?) Chiverton in Perranuthnoe (or ?? Perranzabuloe) with rents and services of all free and conventionary tenants in the hundred of Kerrier and their reversion Remainder to right heirs of Peter Eresy. Alternate sealing clause.


FILE [no title] - ref. BRA846/142 - date: 1st January, 1805 Counterpart lease for 3 lives of land at Traboe Green. St. Keverne, to build house on, reserving mineral rights

Leases and will mainly relating to Wendron, Sithney and St Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. X413/3 - date: 16 February 1871 (ii) Elisha Martin, St. Keverne, yeoman. - - North Corner farm, St. Keverne occ. Simon Roskilly, then (ii). (Straw to be made into dung (wheaten and oaten reed exepted). Tillage only after lay of three years. (ii) to allow (i) to sow clover etc. on flds. tilled with barley or oats and to harrow during last year of term.).

FILE [no title] - ref. X 60/4 - date: 1807-17 Presentations to the vicarage of St. Keverne, with bonds for resignation annexed

FILE [no title] - ref. 506/10 - date: 1842 Correspondence concerning the trusteeship and settlement of the estate of Roscrowgey in St Keverne, Cornwall

FILE [no title] - ref. 506/11 - date: 1857 Conveyance of farms, tithe and lands in Roscrowgey and Kenewas in St Keverne, Cornwall; parties 1) The Reverend Charles Noel Mann of Mawgan, and his wife, and Harriette Grylls of Helston, spinster, John Gilbert Plomer of Helston, gent, Catherine Plomer of 57 Norland Square, Notting Hill, Middlesex, and George Thorne of Castle Cary, St Mary Church, Torquay, esq, and his wife 2) Michael Williams of Trevince in Cornwall

FILE [no title] - ref. 506/12 - date: 1857 Correspondence between Messrs Plomer and Thorne concerning the settlement of the estate of Roscrowgey and Kenewas, St Keverne, Cornwall


FILE [no title] - ref. BRA1489/116 - date: 7 Dec. 1742 Property in Kenwyn, St. Keverne, Bodmin and Gerrans. Bewes and Anstis of Dube and St. Neot

TITLE DEEDS Duloe Coulhendra

FILE [no title] - ref. BW/5/2 - date: 2 February 1675/6 (1) William Mason, gent and wife Jane, of Grade, to (2) John Heyme of St Keverne, gent, and John Tonken of Mullion, gent.


FILE [no title] - ref. BL/6/4 - date: 1733 - mess. Or ten. and 31 acres in St. Keverne, part of manor of Skewis occ. Sampson Sandys gent, decd., then (ii) and Wm. Morris. (Oak, Ash, Elm and minerals reserved to (i). Lives: Richard (aged 22) son of (ii) and Wm. Morris (aged 16), younger son of William Morris. To begin after death of Anthony Hoskyn of St. Keverne, gent. or surrender of estate created by lease of same premises by John Rooper to Sampson Sandys of St. Keverne, gent, (decd.) by lease of 19 October 1685. Capon or 16d at Michaelmas; 2 congers at Michaelmas or 6s 8d; harvest journey or 6d. - all at (i)'s choice.

FILE [no title] - ref. BL/6/5 - date: 1733 (ii) Blanch James of St. Keverne, widow - one third of Trewithan alias Trevithen, St Keverne, held Sampson Sandys, gent., decd., then (ii). (Oak, Ash, Elm and minerals reserved). Life: (ii)'s son John James aged 20. Term to begin after deaths of John and George Roskilly or determination of lease of premises from

Deeds and Leases etc.

FILE [no title] - ref. BL/8/4 - date: 1791-1823 Deeds, Boswarrah Warrah, barton of Trengwainton, Nanseglos (Includes a deed of 1821 of Vyvyan estate in Mawgan and St. Martin in Meneage, St. Keverne, Grade, Mullion, Wendron, Camborne, St. Anthony in Meneage, Constantine, Mawnan, Budock and Mabe, St. Hilary, Sancreed, Paul, Ludgvan, St. Levan, St. Just in Penwith, Madron, Crowan, Sithney, St. Enoder, Ladock, Newlyn, Perranzabuloe, Cubert, Colan, St. Columb Minor, Padstow, Withiel, Roche, Northill, Linkinhorne, Lewannick, Cury, Gwinear, borough of Helston) Pulteggan and Pulteggan Mills, Trevean in Madron

CARLYON OF TREGREHAN TITLE DEEDS AND LEASES. St. Anthony-in-Roseland, Budock, Constantine, St. Keverne, St. Mawes, St.Martin-in-meneage, Sithney DEEDS

FILE [no title] - ref. CN/6/1,2 - date: 14 Oct. 1633 Trevorder Wollas, Trevorder Wartha, Leane, Chinhall, Ludgian Vian alias Mudgian Vian, Polpenwith Wartha, Polpenwith Wollas, Nanslow alias Nansley, Tremenheere and Tregoneggy, in Sithney, Constantine, St. Martin-in-Meneage, St. Keverne, Penryn, Budock, St. Anthony and St. Mawes.

FILE [no title] - ref. CN/9/1,2 - date: 1607-1679 Tremenheere in St. Keverne; Gwavas in Sithney; Tregenegy in Budock; messuage in St. Moyse alias St. Mawes.


FILE [no title] - ref. CN/889 - date: 27 May 1741 99 year lease (lives of lessee's s. Jas. M., Edw. Huthnance of St. Keverne and Wm. H. of Cury);


FILE [no title] - ref. CL/77 - date: 1777-1790 Deeds and leases, St. Keverne

Box 40

FILE [no title] - ref. CL/233 - date: 1695-1747 Deeds and leases, St. Keverne


FILE [no title] - ref. BRA833/96 - date: 26 April 1728 Benjamin Hearne, St. Keverne, gent.


FILE [no title] - ref. BRA833/261 - date: 7 June 1739 (ii) Henry Imbledon, St. Keverne, merchant

[from Administrative History] He was admitted to the Middle Temple in 1673 (ex. inf. Librarian and Keeper of the Records of the Middle Temple, Miss E. McNeill) in the same year as he was described as a steward and menial servant of Sir John Coryton. He may have delayed his admission to the Middle Temple, he is found as a witness to many of Sir John Coryton's documents from 1668 to 1676 and then in 1682 and to a lease of Sir William Coryton in 1691. He occurs as of the Middle Temple (though as a witness or party to Coryton deeds) between 1680 and 1687. Baring-Gould made him out to be the son of John Tillie of St. Keverne, labourer. No Tillies could be found in the registers of St. Keverne. He was in fact a gentleman (see Tillie Pedigree note (e) ), the son of John Tillie of Wingfield in Wiltshire, gent. or yeoman (CY/1223 cf. CY/216-17 where John Tillie, sen. decd. is described as grandfather of James Tillie of St. Mellion, gent.) where he purchased an estate (Belle-Cour) in 1695. Yet he was steward to Sir William Coryton 1690-1694 (CY/5189). In CY/671, a lease of 1698, he described himself as of Pentillie Castle. He died 15 November 1713 and his will was proved 8 March 1714. His monument at Pentillie Castle gives his death as 15 November 1713. His brother was a cordwainer of Bristol in 1673 (ex.inf. K. H. Rogers, Wilts.Record Office) though he is later in the Coryton deeds called merchant (CY/1218, 1223, 1230) and there were many Tillies who were engaged in various trades in Bristol (ex.inf. Miss M. E. Williams, City Archivist, Bristol), between 1656 and 1685. Sir James Tillie had a sister married to a William Woollie or Woolley and he inherited his uncle's wealth at the price of assuming the name of Tillie. James Tillie, junior's son, James Tillie, married Mary and the daughter of that marriage, Mary Jemima, married John Coryton.

DARELL, DARELL STEPHENS AND STEPHENS OF TREWORNAN St Minver Trewornan and St. Minver and St. Keverne (whole estate) 1703; 1887-1888 Title Deeds and Leases etc Parishes of St. Keverne (manor of Namboll) and St. Minver.

FILE [no title] - ref. DS/52 - date: 29 September 1849 (i) - (ii) - - undivided sixth share of: manor of Namboll in St. Keverne. Rectory and advowson of St. Minver. High rent of 2s. from Achyms meadow, Bodmin, and another high rent of 10s. from Lydcutt in parish of Bodmin.

FILE [no title] - ref. DS/58 - date: 19 Feb. 1885 Account of succession duty in real property of Robert Stephens of Trewornan, on death of Caroline Stephens who died 3 March 1883 derived from will of Edwd. Stephens proved in Principal Registry 6 May 1882 - lands in St. Keverne and St. Minver as in Settlements XI

Title Deeds and Leases Trewornan and St. Minver and St. Keverne (Whole estate) 1703, 1887-1888

FILE [no title] - ref. DS/60 - date: 20 January 1703 (ii) John Sandys, St. Keverne, gent. - - Rosekarnan (Lodie Roscarnon), St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. DS/61 - date: 1 September 1887 Messuages and lands at Coverack, parish of St. Keverne (sketch map attached.

FILE [no title] - ref. DS/63 - date: 22 December 1888 (ii) James Nicholls, Porthallow, St. Keverne, mason and contractor

Constituent parts of the Darrell and Darrell Stephens Estate Trenant in St. Minver 1621-1836

FILE [no title] - ref. DS/313 - date: 10 January 1621 (Rec. (i) seised of Rossorowe alias Rosorrowe House with lands there and in Tregollen, Trenante, Pentire alias Pentire Parkes and lands in Trelowsall (Treliswell) in par. of Little Peran, Gluas alias Gluvias, also in Hernance (? Halvanance) in Stithians; Trewoen (Trewoon) St. Keveren (St. Keverne), also in Killivrethe as Killivethe Killicore as Killicorne Cozenchase as Cozenchus Seviack as Seveake, (? Saveock in Kea), Pondrouse and Pondrouse Mills. Also in Alternowne (Altarnun) ).

FILE [no title] - ref. DS/314 - date: 3 October 1623 (Rec. (i)'s father Francis Penkevill (then decd.) in Hilary Term 1622 levied a fine of lands etc. in Roserrow, Tregollen, Trenant, Pentire, Treloswall as Trelosuall, Trewoon, Trevone, Hernance Gonreed in St. Minver, Gluvias, St. Keverne and Stithians to use of John Cradocke (then decd.) and Raleigh Gilbert - John Ley of (i) )


FILE [no title] - ref. ME/507 - date: 1 February 1536/7 Crugow Keyne and Trethewy Vean, Ruan Lanihorne; Carsulack and Bosnansak, St. Keverne; two tenements in Penryn

Lands in several parishes: Breage, Budock, St. Columb, Constantine, Cornelly, Cubert, Cuby, St. Enoder, St. Ewe, Gerrans, St. Gluvias, Helston, St. Hilary, St. Keverne, Ladock, Michell, Newlyn, Penryn, Probus, Sithney. (1363)-1647

Breage, Constantine, St. Columb, Cuby, St. Ewe, St. Gluvias, Helston, Penryn, Probus and Sithney.

FILE [no title] - ref. EN/5 - date: 3 Nov. 1469 Deed of partition of the lands of Jn. Resewyk in the vills of Kenegy near Pentreyth (Pentreath in Breage), Trerebo near Eglosbuthekbyan (in Constantine) and Reseweyk (in St. Keverne), lands near Melyckarnepurcy on N. side of Melyckorn near Trenython (in St. Keverne), and a close called Parkepencoys near Gwerther (in St. Gluvias and Penryn).

FILE [no title] - ref. EN/6 - date: 24 Jan. 1547 Nich. Bagge and Nich. Fytte guers. and Thos. Enys near Gwerther def. (grand-son of Thos. E. and w. Joan nee Peryn). Exemplification of recovery for 20 mess., 4 tofts, 3 orchards, 350a. land, 40a. meadow, 50a. pasture, 6a. wood, 160a. heath, and 5s. 10d. rent in Enys, Werne, Werne Wartha, Gonangapa, Gwertha, Pencoys and Treluswall, (all in St. Gluvias), Penryn borough, Rosewyke and Melyckorne (in St. Keverne), Namsalwaster alias Nansalster (in Probus), Trerysa alias Treysa (in Sithney), Trelesyke (in St. Ewe), Tresodarne and Dynassowen (in St. Columb), Gwelwest (in St. Gluvias), Truro 110a. land, 12a. meadow, 30a. pasture, 1a. wood, 30a. heath and 2s. 8d. rent in Trewolvas (in St. Columb Major) and Camther (in Probus).

Budock, Cornelly, St. Enoder, Helford, St. Keverne, Penryn and Probus.

FILE [no title] - ref. EN/7 - date: 3 Dec. 1554 Grant of all their lands in Trewoan (in St. Enoder), Tregenna (in manor of Penryn Foreign - ? Tregenva in Budock), Helnowyth (? Halnoweth in Probus), Trewillis (in St. Keverne), Penryn borough, Bossulian (? Bossilian in Cornelly), and also a house near Haylford (Helford) passage.

St. Keverne and Truro.

FILE [no title] - ref. EN/8 - date: 1 and 6 May 1587 Agreement to convey and feoffment (sewn together) of lands in Treglosack, Trenans, Tregonynyan, Trelyn, Porthoustock and Laneheverne alias St. Keverne, in St. Keverne and Truro borough.

Helston, St. Hilary, St. Keverne, Sithney.

FILE [no title] - ref. EN/9 - date: 1 Apr. 1591 Grant in tail of 4 tens. in Lanner and one ten. in Tregorse (all in Sithney), one ten. in Retalack in Elliwe (St. Hilary), one ten. in Kynavose alias Kynheves in St. Keverne, and 5 mess. in Helston borough.

Budock, St. Gluvias, St. Keverne, Penryn, Probus.

FILE [no title] - ref. EN/13 - date: 10 Aug. 1625 Deed to declare uses of a fine to use of Jn. Enys and his hrs. of messuages, lands and tens. called Rosewicke and Mellickorne in St. Keverne with common of pasture on Goenhillie Down, Nansalster alias Nansalter in Probus, and messuages, lands and tens. in Pencoose, Gwealewest, Goenangoras, St. Gluvias and Penryn Borough viz. one mess. late in occ. Edw. Odger decd., one mess. late in occ. Jn. Robert decd. and now of Sampson Bloye, one mess. in occ. Thos. Lukie, one mess. in occ. Jn. Lucas, one mess. and close in occ. Wm. Tomado, all in Penryn, 4 stitches (2a.) in Gwealweest in occ. Peternell Jackson, one close in Goenangorras in St. Gluvias in occ. Radigan Romowe wid., and 3 closes (3½a.) in occ. Thos. Robyns in Pencoose.


FILE [no title] - ref. EN/14 [n.d.] Bargain and sale of tens. and lands called Treluswall alias Trelowswall in St. Gluvias, Rosewick and Mellicorne in St. Keverne with common of pasture on Gonehillie Down, one shop and chamber near fish market in Penryn, one close (1¼a.) in Pencoose in borough of Penryn and parish of St. Gluvias, one close (1a.) in Goneangoras in St. Gluvias, 3 closes (3½a.) in Pencoose aforesaid, messuages and lands in Penryn in occ. Jn. Tirrell, one mess. in Penryn and close in Pencoose in occ. Wm. Tomadow, shop and chamber near Fish market in occ. Sampson Bloye in Penryn, one mess. in occ. Jn. Lucas and one mess. in occ. Rich. Harris alias Jenkin, both in Penryn, stitches in Pencoose and Gwelewest in Penryn and St. Gluvias in occ. Anthony Mundey and Peternell Jackson wid., one mess. near Market House in occ. Hen. William in Penryn sometime in occ. Edw. Odger decd., all of which were sometime the lands of inheritance of Thos. Enys gent., decd., father of said Jn. E.; also one close and one stitch (1¼a.) in Behethland fields in occ. Alice Lukie wid. in St. Gluvias, and 4 stitches (3a.) in Higher and Lower Goneangoras in Behethland fields in occ. Alice Lukie, messuages, lands and tens. called Prislowe in Budock which sometime were lands of Thos. Rise gent. decd. father of the said Winifred now in occ. Gentle Penrose, one stitch (¾a.) in Twelve Stones close in Behethland fields near Behethland well in occ. Peter Hallamore gent., one stitch (¼a.) in Errow gabine in Behethland fields in occ. Agnes Augollan wid., one stitch in a close adj. town place of Behethland, on w. side thereof in occ. Joan Daniell wid., one close (1a.) near Behethland house on E. side thereof in occ. Arthur Cock, and all those stitches (2½a.) in Behethland fields and the new closes in occ. Jane Boyer, wid., one close in Behethland fields and adj. Jarranorian lane and one stitch in the said fields both 1¼a. in occ. Raphe Otes, all those stitches in Behethland fields in Higher Cross fields in occ. Thos. Tolskethie and one close (1½a.) Stitch in Behethland fields in Higher New close in occ. Jn. Cullier, all which last recited premises in Budock, Gluvias and Behethland were sometime the lands of said Thos. Rise decd. Appointing Thos. Robyns gent. and Wm. Carnan attornies. 20 Nov. 1628.

LANDS IN INDIVIDUAL PARISHES. St. Keverne. Rosewyke and Melycorne.

FILE [no title] - ref. EN/34 - date: 30 Sept. 1566 Jane Enys wid. of Thos. E. gent. decd. and Thos. E. s. of the said Thos. E. and Katherine his w. to Sampson, Stephen and Jn. Jeffery of St. Keverne, husbandman.


FILE [no title] - ref. EN/49 - date: 14 March 1628 Jn. Enys of Enys gent. to Wm. Bickford of St. Keverne merchant.

ESTATE ADMINISTRATION. Surveys and rentals - whole estate

FILE [no title] - ref. EN/58 - date: 30 Sept. 1593 Extent of Thos. Enys's lands (details of tenements, tenure and high rents, tenants and their rents) at Enys, Wern, Goneangapa and Gwerther in St. Gluvias; Fencoose and Gwealwest in St. Gluviaz and Penryn; tens. in Penryn; Rosewycke and Melyecorne in St. Keverne, Nansalster and Carnther in Probus; Trerysa in Sithney; tens. in Truro; Trewolvas Vere, Gluryan and Dynyssassowen in St. Columb; and Treluswall in St. Gluvias.

FILE [no title] - ref. EN/59 - date: 1593-1615 Fair copy of the above extent also inclu. farm tin and toll tin in Zennor, and tin work and toll tin at Trewolvas Vere in St. Columb, 30 Sept. 1593; followed by an extent of lands left by his father's will to his (Thomas's) bro. Rich. and in default of issue to him (Thos.) in Penryn, Truro, Helston, Gluvyan in St. Columb, Pensovelow (in ?), Tregyth in Cubert, Tregony, Skeberyolu in Probus, Tregenna (? Tregenva in Budock), Helnowyth (? in Probus), Rosemeryn in Budock, Trewillis in St. Keverne, Trewoan in St. Enoder and Treathe by Helforth in Manaccan, n.d. c. 1593; followed by notes by Thos. Enys about himself, his family and friends (births, christenings, marriages etc.) and news of important events such as hangings, piracy, movements of Spanish fleet, Prince Charles' stay in Isles of Scilly in 1615 etc., beginning with his own birth in 1537 and continuing until 1603, then continued by his son Jn. from 1613 to 1615 (See transcript in f.8. CRO EN/1898).

FILE [no title] - ref. EN/60 - date: n.d. c.late 16th cent Extent of Thos. Enys' lands (details of the tenements, tenure and high rents, tenants and their rents) at Enys, Wern, Gwarther, Treluswell, Gwealwest, and Goneangoras in St. Gluvias; Pencoose in Penryn and St. Gluvias; Rosewyke, Melyckorne and Trewyllys in St. Keverne; Nansaltar, Camther and Skeberyow in Probus; Trelysyke (? in St. Ewe) with a note saying that this land is sold; Trerysa in Sithney; Tresodarn, Trevolvas, Gluvias and Dynys Assowen in St. Columb; Helston borough; Truro borough; Clement's street (crossed out); Tregony borough; Penryn borough; Tregenna (? in Budock); Helnowth (? in Probus); Pensovelou (in ?); Tregyth in Cubert; Meneth Nanfan in Penryn; Rosemeryn in Budock; Treathe by Helford in Manaccan; and Truro mills.

FILE [no title] - ref. EN/61 - date: n.d. c.1620's Survey of Jn. Enys's lands (details of tenure, high rents, improved value and annual rent) in St. Gluvias and Penryn, Reswyck and Melycorne in St. Keverne and Nansalter in Probus. Endsd. "A particular of my father's estate made I think by the old Thos. Robinson or Carnan above 35 or 40 years since. Nov. 10th 1664".
Lands in several parishes: Breage, Budock, St. Columb, Constantine, Cornelly, Cubert, Cuby, St. Enoder, St. Ewe, Gerrans, St. Gluvias, Helston, St. Hilary, St. Keverne, Ladock, Michell, Newlyn, Penryn, Probus, Sithney. (1363)-1647

St. Keverne, Penryn, Probus, Truro. 1336-1628 Accession No. 1633. Manuscripts ref. EN/2476

FILE [no title] - ref. EN/2476/44 - date: late 19th century. Lannarth, St. Keverne


FILE [no title] - ref. EN/P/25 - date: 1874 Romans-British or late celtic remains at Trelan Bahow, St. Keverne, J. Jope Rogers, Royal Institution of Cornwall
Lands in several parishes: Breage, Budock, St. Columb, Constantine, Cornelly, Cubert, Cuby, St. Enoder, St. Ewe, Gerrans, St. Gluvias, Helston, St. Hilary, St. Keverne, Ladock, Michell, Newlyn, Penryn, Probus, Sithney. (1363)-1647

St. Keverne, Penryn, Probus, Truro. 1336-1628 FROM THE TIME OF SAMUEL ENYS ONWARDS 1647-1933 FAMILY PAPERS. Enys Family.

FILE [no title] - ref. EN/1898 - date: (1322)-1922 f.7. 19th cent. transcript and translation by Jn. D. Enys of the Inquisition Post Mortem of Thos. Enys of Enys who died 16 March 1561, dated 24 Oct. 1562, (4 Eliz. No. 181 at P.R.O.), 1562, for messuages, lands and rents in Enys, Werne, Wernewartha, Gonangapa, Gwerther, Pencose and Treluswall [all in St. Gluvias], borough of Penryn, Rosewyke and Melyckorne [in St. Keverne], Nansalster [in Probus], Trerysa alias Treysa [in Sithney] Trelesyske [? in St. Ewe] and Tresoderne [in St. Columb]


FILE [no title] - ref. X859/8 - date: 1802 Fair copy of the will of Rev. Mr. Pascoe of St. Keverne.


FILE [no title] - ref. GO/556 - date: 1652 Final concord (John Godolphin and w. Mary defcts.) land in Kivaron alias Kiron, St. Keverne.

FILE [no title] - ref. GO/557A,B [n.d.] Pair of final concords (Sydney Godolphin and w. Susanna defcts.) manor of Tregos in Stithians, St. Gluvias, Anthony in Meneage and St. Keverne.


FILE [no title] - ref. GO/707/1,2 - date: 1678 List of tenements owned by Sydney Godolphin in Cornwall including: Trewin in St. Anthony in Meneage, Arrowan, in St. Keverne, Kilsoe in St. Leven, Polgrase in St. Keverne


FILE [no title] - ref. X473/22 - date: 16 Dec. 1757 (1) Geo. Blewett of Marazion, merchant, Jas. Pascoe of St. Keverne, clerk, and Wm. Friggens of Penzance, gent., assignees of estate of Thos. Pascoe, late of St. Ives, merchant, a bankrupt, to (2) Jas. Dewen of Marazion, merchant.


FILE [no title] - ref. X473/143 - date: 1628 Rental of estates of Jn. Nance of Nance, esq., listing his whole West Cornwall property in Redruth, Illogan, Camborne, St. Agnes, Zennor, St. Ives, Lelant, Helston, Wendron, Sithney, St. Keverne, Madron and St. Just-in-Penwith.


FILE [no title] - ref. X473/151 - date: 1744 John Thomas and Jane Matthews of St. Keverne, Mar. 1744.


FILE [no title] - ref. X355/136 - date: 7 Aug. 1635 Also to sell to trustees, manor of Treworthack with mansion house, and manor of Trethance, both in St. Anthony-in-Meneage and St. Keverne; and all other lands in Cornwall formerly the inheritance of Jn. Tregosse which he sold to Hugh Vaghn; also Westcott in Tremayne, and rectories and tithe sheaf of Tremayne and Egloskerry.


FILE [no title] - ref. X355/356 - date: 16 Jan. 1635 Also manor of Trewothack in St. Anthony-in-Meneage with mansion house, barton and demesnes, and manor of Trethance in St. Keverne, sometime the inheritance of Jn. Tregoose, and all claims on his lands by virtue of a statute acknowledged by Jn. Tregosse to Hugh Vaghan, decd. (as in X355/354 above).


FILE [no title] - ref. J/1/127 - date: 1375-1554 Small deed box of leather and wood containing deeds relating to Tresprison in Wendron; Nansclegher; property in St. John, Helston, and Treglossack in St. Keverne. Included is a bond by William Trevenoe to agree to arbitration about a tenement in Truro near the West bridge (1475). 1375, 1382, 1522 (2) 1554.

Sales (including sale catalogues)

FILE [no title] - ref. J/1/231 - date: 1750 Sale by C. Hawkins of mortgaged lands at Trelaveor, St. Keverne.

ESTATE ADMINISTRATION Estates: maps and plans Estates.

FILE [no title] - ref. J/1/1529 - date: post 1880 Constantine, St. Erth, St. Hilary, St. Keverne, Landewednack, Ruan Minor. (34)

Property documents relating to St Keverne, Newlyn East and Ruan Major, and family will and baptism certificate

St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. X690/1 - date: 29 Sept. 1700 (1) Edw. Huthnance of St. Keverne yeo. Hall, parlour, buttery, half barn and mowhay, great orchard, withy garden, moiety of townplace, Great Stone Park (a.), Meadow (5a.), Blew Croft and Middle Croft (6a.), the Gews (5a.), Little Western Parke (2½a.), Little Stone Park (3a.), commons of pasture and fuel upon Goonhilly Downs; all forming moiety of Trerabo alias Tresabo, St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. X690/2 - date: 29 Sept. 1713 (1) John Sandys of Lanarth, John Gilbert, Rich. Williams, Anth. Hoskyn, John Sandys of Pengarrock, Anth. Tonkyn, Geo. Harris, Hannibal Thomas and Thos. Banfield, all of St. Keverne gents. (2) Wm. Huthnance of St. Keverne gent. Recites mortgage by assignment of rectory of St. Keverne from Rich. Hole of Fleet Damarel, Devon, to Edm. Pollexfen of Kitley, Devon, 20 July 1703; Rich. Hole defaulted & died but equity of redemption rests with his heirs; Edm. Pollexfen died & his heirs conveyed interest to (1) above, 20 May 1713

Great tithes due on Great Trerabo alias Trabo, St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. X690/3 - date: 6 Aug. 1823 (1) John Huthnance of St. Keverne gent. (2) Sampson Nicholls of St. Keverne yeo.

FILE [no title] - ref. X690/4 - date: 3 July 1830 (2) Edw. Huthnance of St. Keverne yeo. (3) John Harry of St. Keverne carpenter (new mortgagee)


FILE [no title] - ref. X690/12 - date: made 20 Jan. 1830, proved 8 July 1830 Will and probate of John Huthnance of St. Keverne yeoman

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To find out more about the archives described below, contact Cornwall Record Office Medieval deeds, including seventeenth - century copies, relating to Trewoon in Mullion

FILE [no title] - ref. KP/11 - date: 2 May 1478 Notice of confirmation of grant by Alice Trevowan (= ? Trewoon) next to St. Melyan in her widowhood to Ralph Hell' and Meliora his wife of lands, rents, services, reversions in Trevowan (= ? Trewoon) next to St. Melyan and Lanheueran (= Lanheverne, old Celtic name of the Church of St. Keverne, still applied to Church-town lands. The name implies the Lan or monastery of St. Keverne). To Ralph and Meliora and their legitimate heirs (to hold) from the chief lords by customary rents and services. In default of legitimate issue to Ralph and Meliora to go to Alive Trevowan's son John junior and his right heirs, with remainder (in default of John's issue) to grantor's right heirs. Warranty clause of grantor. Sealing clause.

Seventeenth-Century deeds etc. relating to Trewoon in Mullion

FILE [no title] - ref. KP/21 - date: 14 February 1668 (Recital of lease by Edwd. Kempthorne, Mullion, sen., yeoman of 27 March 1656 to Hercules Hall (husband of Joan Hall) - - part of ten. in Trewoone for 99 yrs or lives of John Hall, Phillipp Hall, son and dtr. of Hercules, and of Matthew son of Humphry Matthew of St. Keverne, and grandson to Hercules Hall. Rec. Hercules Hallswill gave premises to wife Joan for her life, if 3 lives on lease lived as long).


FILE [no title] - ref. RO/3731 - date: 6 Jan. 1780 By Thos. Morish of St. Keverne pilot re piloting a Swedish ship into Falmouth (captain ignored his advice and wind carried them to France)

OVERSEERS OF THE POOR Bastardy bonds and depositions

FILE [no title] - ref. RO/4244 - date: 18 April 1823 Bond: Jas. Richards of St. Keverne, mariner (father), Mark Daniell of St. Keverne, mariner.

Settlement examinations

FILE [no title] - ref. RO/4306 - date: 11 April 1741 Wm. Duncalf, resident in St. Keverne; aged 40, born Gunwalloe Settlement appeals, legal cases, etc.

FILE [no title] - ref. RO/4364, 4365 - date: 5, 19 Feb. 1740/1 Examinations of Leonard Burgh, settlement, North Allerton, Yorks, Alex. Roberts, settlement Illogan; John Williams, born Padstow; John Simons, born Perranzabulo, settlement St. Keverne; Edw. Ferris, born Truro, settlement St. Clement; Geo. Hockin, born Camborne; Bernard Creed, born Sithney, settlement Wendron; Philemon Champion, Quaker, born St. Dennis; Colan Tregoning, born Gwennap; Geo. Knight, born St. Agnes; Rich. Remfry, born Redruth; Nich. Hodge, born St. Agnes; Wm. Bryant, born St. Martin, Cornwall settlement St. Margaret, Westminster; Jas. Floyd, born Gwinear, settlement, Wendron; Rich. Bennets, born Camborne; Thos. Hill, cordwainer, settlement Falmouth; John Jewell, born Tresco, Scilly; Humphrey Packer, settlement St. Thomas, Salisbury, Wilts.; Eliz. wife of John Nicholls, settlement Redruth; Jas. Mildren, settlement St. Keverne; Rich. Cockin, born Redruth; Eliz. Pearce, born Sithney, settlement Falmouth; Abijah Lobb, born Stithians; Thos. Roberts, tinner, born Wendron; John Nancarro, Quaker, born St. Agnes

FILE [no title] - ref. RO/4370-4374 - date: 22 July 1741 Removal orders of J. Floyd, B. Creed and T. Roberts, to Wendron; A Roberts, wife Joan, children Rob., Henry, Cordelia and Mary to Illogan; J. Williams and wife Margaret to Padstow; R. Bennets, tinner to Camborne; J. Mildren and wife Eliz. to St. Keverne

MARKETS Weights and measures

FILE [no title] - ref. RO/5065, 5066 - date: 26 Aug. 1826 Conviction order of John Exelby of St. Keverne for short measure, with deposition


FILE [no title] - ref. RO/62681 - date: 1903 Draft and copy declaration by Percival Dacres Williams of Lanarth, St. Keverne, as Sheriff of Cornwall

RECORDS OF BOROUGH OF EAST LOOE NON-BOROUGH PROPERTY - DEEDS AND LEASES Messuages and gardens (Goldphin alias Tregoss - Jennyns).

FILE [no title] - ref. DC/Loo/I/29/1,2 - date: 12 Sep. 1561 Jn. Tregoose of Antony-iuxta-St. Keverne, esq., to Jn. Jenyns of East Looe.


FILE [no title] - ref. X614/10 - date: 1842 To son Robert Daniell, St. Keverne, surgeon: £20.


FILE [no title] - ref. X441/9/1,2 - date: 1/2 Sep. 1837 (1) Glynn Grylls of Helston, gent., (2) Rich. John of Penzance, fellmonger, to (3) Hen. Harry and Peter Williams of Sithney, yeos., (4) Jn. Harry of St. Keverne, yeo., (5) Hen. Mark of St. Keverne, yeo. Mogan, St Keverne, Mullion and Landewednack


FILE [no title] - ref. X687/2 - date: 5 January 1838 (ii) John Nicholls, St. Keverne, schoolmaster (i)-(ii) - - House, garden, outhouses, part of ten. of Carhern (16 perches. Part of the manor of Predannack Wartha). In the churchtown of St. Keverne.

Rocket House, ? later Wesleyan Chapel St. Keverne.

FILE [no title] - ref. X687/3 - date: 31 July 1882 (ii) Gerald W. Roskruge, St. Keverne, draper. (i)-(ii) - - Building on part of tenement of Carherne, St. Keverne, built as, and for some years used as a 'Rocket Apparatus House'. (ii) to pay all rates and taxes except landlords property tax. (ii) to remove windows of building, about to be leased to Wesleyan Society and build up openings. (ii) not to assign or sub-let. Re-entry after arrears of 21 days or non-performance of covenants (ii) not to allow building to become a public house or beer shop etc.) Witd. John Peter Crock, St. Keverne.

Methodist Chapel, St. Keverne

FILE [no title] - ref. X687/4 - date: 16 May 1839 Agreement (copy) enclosed in 687/6 of A. M. Agar for John Nicholls of the parish of St. Keverne, schoolmaster to hold the Methodist Chapel adjoining his house in St. Keverne church town (as long as his lease lasted) for yearly rent of £3. Liberty to convert the chapel into a dwelling house; Nicholls to keep in repair.

Copper's Tenement, Grade

FILE [no title] - ref. X 711/6/1-3 - date: 9, 10 June 1776 (4) Nich. Harris of St. Keverne yeo.

FILE [no title] - ref. X 711/7/1,2 - date: 23, 24 June 1783 (1) Rich. Harris jnr. of St. Keverne yeo. (son of Nich. Harris, mortgagee) Cornish and Birtill, solicitors, Penzance

Maps and plans

FILE [no title] - ref. CB/P/13 - date: Oct. 27-31 1919 Clowance Estate, West Cornwall. Manors of Hellogan, Clowance, Penponds and Barripper, Binnerton and St. Keverne. Sale Catalogue, with plans, Part II. Second edition Cornish Methodist documents


FILE [no title] - ref. X667/22 [n.d.] Photograph of Richard 'Uncle Dick' Martin (1799-1881) of St. Keverne Zoar Bible Christian chapel, 1860s?


FILE [no title] - ref. X441/11 - date: 22 Dec 1781 Attested oath of allegiance of Rich. Nicholas of St. Buryan, "hired as a Substitute to serve in the Militia for Joseph Gundry of St. Keverne", sworn before Francis Rodd, esq., J.P.

Hundred of Kerrier

FILE [no title] - ref. X534/1 - date: Helston 28 April 1781, 8 May 1781, 7 July 1781, 28 July 1781, 11 August 1781, 15 December 1781, 19 December 1781, 12 January, 1782, 26 January 1782, 23 February, 1782, 20 April, 1782, 27 April 1782, 3 August, 1782
Roll of those chosen by lot to serve as militiamen for the Hundred of Kerrier with names of substitutes who signed (on oath) to serve for three years or amount of composition. (Only a few men served in person). For Breage, Budock, Constantine, Falmouth (town), Falmouth (parish), Gwennap, Helston, Mawgan in Meneage, Penryn, Sithney, Stithians, Mylor, St. Keverne, St. Anthony in Meneage, Perranarworthal, Grade, Mawnan, Ruan Minor, Landewednack, St. Martin in Meneage, Gunwalloe, Manaccan, Wendron, Ruan Major, Germoe, Mullion

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