Kendall of Pelyn
Lanlivery Cornwall

 Catalogue Ref. KL
Kendall family of Lanlivery, Cornwall 
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reasonably good physical condition 
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Kendall of Pelyn: deeds and leases 
   Bundles of deeds and leases from accession 62 
      FILE  [no title] - ref.  KL/18/3  - date: 1651-1814 
          [from Scope and Content] St Keverne: Coverack, 1740, Tregellast 
      FILE  [no title] - ref.  KL/18/4  - date: 1811 
          [from Scope and Content] St Keverne, mortgage, 1811
Kimberley of Arwenack, Falmouth
Catalogue Ref. K
Kimberley family of Arwenack, Falmouth, Cornwall 
[Access Conditions] 
Records removed from Arwenack House, Falmouth on 24 December 
1972. Deposited by Mr. A. I. Miller of Messrs. Miller &Co., Estate 
Agents, 57, Fore Street, Redruth, on behalf of the Earl of Kimberley 
Accession No. 1704 
   Estate Papers 
      FILE  [no title] - ref.  K/115-118  - date: 1862-1948 
          [from Scope and Content] Sale catalogues: cutting about sale of 
business premises at Bar 1862; Carclew Estate 1920 (i) Kenwyn, Kea, Feock, 
Stithians, St. Gluvias, Mylor, (ii) St. Columb Major, Colan and St. Wenn (iii) St. 
Martin in Meneage, Manaccan, St. Anthony in Meneage, St. Keverne, Wendron; 
Penwarne, Little Penwarne, Higher Tregarne in Mawnan, part of Lansenwith farm 
in Stithians 1935; particulars, Drym House, Crowan 1948.
Land Tax records
Catalogue Ref. X195
West Kerrier Division 
   ASSESSMENTS (Collectors' duplicates) 
      FILE  [no title] - ref.  X195/102-112  - date: 1935-1949 
          [from Scope and Content] St. Anthony in Meneage, Breage Gury, 
Germoe, Grade, Gunwalloe, Helston, St. Keverne, Landewednack, Manaccan, St. 
Martin in Meneage, Mawgan in Meneage, Mullion, Ruan Major, Ruan Minor, 
Sithney, Wendron
Lee of Bochym, Cury
Catalogue Ref. LEE
Lee family of Bochym, Cury, Cornwall 
   FILE  [no title] - ref.  LEE/14  - date: c. 1840 
       [from Scope and Content] Plan of Pengarrocks, St. Keverne

Lemon estate records
Catalogue Ref. X62
Lemon family of Carclew, Cornwall 
   FILE  [no title] - ref.  X62/1  - date: 1729 
       [from Scope and Content] Marriage settlement (Jn. Oliver of Falmouth 
and Grace Hooker of Helston) on property in the parishes of St. Keverne, St. 
Anthony in Meneage Veryan, Kenwyn, Crowan, Feock, Mylor, Kea and Camborne 
   FILE  [no title] - ref.  X62/19  - date: 1825 
       [from Scope and Content] Post Nuptial Settlement, Sir Charles and Lady 
Charlotte Lemon (manors of Tregarne Condorrow, Ruthvos, Treliever, 
Fentonvedna, Restronget, Trewathacke and Trewthance; 2/3 of the manors of 
Eglosrose, Ardevora and Skewes; mansion of Carclew; property in Philleigh, 
Ruanlanihorne, Stithians, Penryn, Gluvias, St. Keverne, Kea, Feock, Kenwyn, St. 
Clement, St. Columb Minor, Cubert, St. Just in Roseland, Gulval, Fhillack, St. 
Merryn, Crantock, St. Cleer and St. Minver. 
   FILE  [no title] - ref.  X62/20  - date: 1836 
       [from Scope and Content] 1. Sales. 1810-11 mines and minerals in 
manor of Calstock, Clegger Downs, manors of Rillaton and Stokeclimsland, 
Goonhavern Downs, manors of Tewington and Treverbyn Courtenay, dues from 
Wheal Music and Wheal Leisure and from Wheal Coates and Wheal Burgay in St. 
Agnes 1812 Treluswell in Gluvias, Pentire Vean in Crantock, Tregearne in St. 
Merryn. 1813 Fursween in St. Cleer. 1817 Poddington and Carrington in Lanlivery 
(manor of Restormel). 1828 tenements in Condurrow in St. Anthony in Meneage. 
1833 Fentonvedna and Trenaw in Withney. 1834 land in Higher Trelandvere and 
Bahow in St. Keverne (manor of Skewis). 1835 land in Gwellan Gwartha Andrea 
field in Helston and houses in Cross Street and Michael Street. 
   FILE  [no title] - ref.  X62/29  - date: 1811 
       [from Scope and Content] Fine and declaration of uses of the late Col. 
Willyams' estates (Trewince, Arrowan, Polewest, Great and Little Kilter in St. 
Keverne and St. Anthony in Meneage. Trenona and pt. of Teswithian in Veryan. 
Trevellan, Penvounder, Carvinnack etc. in Kenwyn. Polles Crease in Crowan. 
Harkett Carnan Weras and Towerruth in Feock. Penpoll in Kea. One third of 
Ninnis, Halgarres (both in Kenwyn) and a third of Carne in Kea (all part of manor 
of Allet). Property in Rosewarne, Trewas Beathen, Treglowith, Boskadinick, Trew 
as Veathen Downs, Crane, Halewyn, Cogigoes in Camborne, houses in Helston, 
Tresawle in St. Columb Major.
Lower Estate
Catalogue Ref. X 827
Lower Estate, Cornwall 
   FILE  [no title] - ref.  X 827/5  - date: 1710 
       [from Scope and Content] Manor of Skewis: Skewis barton, Nanfan, 
Tregassick in Cury; Cugurick in Grade, Brean in Constantine, Trelanvene, 
Trevithian, Tregowllis in St. Keverne, Kalignen in Mawgan in Meneage, Scawroth 
in Stithians
Catalogue Ref. H
Harvey and Company, Hayle, Cornwall, engineers and shipbuilders 
   Deeds and leases 
      FILE - Crowan - ref.  H/34  - date: 26 Dec. 1839 
          [from Scope and Content] Recites: assignment of lease by Wm. 
Roberts, St. Keverne, cordwainer to (1), 17 Feb. 1838. 
   St. Clement 
      FILE  [no title] - ref.  H/206/5  - date: 2 Nov. 1718 
          [from Scope and Content] 1. Jn. Searle, St. Keverne, yeo. and 
Elizabeth his wife, heirs of Hen. Hodge, Truro, decd. 
      FILE  [no title] - ref.  H/212/1  - date: 24 and 25 March 1755 
          [from Scope and Content] 1. Geo. Blewett, Marazion, merch., Jn. 
Pascoe, St. Keverne, clerk, Wm. Friggens, Penzance, gent., assignees of the 
estate of Thos. Pascoe, St. Ives, bankrupt merch. 
         Manor of Penrose 
            FILE  [no title] - ref.  H/212/91/1-2  - date: 22 Sept. 1815 
                [from Scope and Content] 1. Chas. Pearce, St. Keverne, grocer 
and draper and Mary his wife (nee Davies); Jn. Henry, St. Martin in Meneage, 
yeo. and Ann (nee Davies)
Michell of Redruth
Catalogue Ref. M
Michell's of Redruth, Redruth, Cornwall, engineers 
[Access Conditions] 
M/1/1-97 are glass negatives, and not available for searchroom use. 
It is possible that there may be some inaccuracies in the naming of 
some of the photographs, negatives and plans. 
      FILE  [no title] - ref.  M/260/36  - date: 26 and 27 April 1795 
          [from Scope and Content] 2. Eli Cuttance, St. Keverne, yeo.
Miscellaneous Cornish deeds and papers
Catalogue Ref. X61
FILE  [no title] - ref.  X61/2  - date: 1761-62 
    [from Scope and Content] Overseers' accounts for St. Keverne, including 2 
Prideaux Brune of Place, Padstow
Catalogue Ref. PB
Prideaux Brune family of Padstow, Cornwall 
   Mortgages and settlements 
         FILE  [no title] - ref.  PB/1/776  - date: 13 Nov. 1819 
             [from Scope and Content] 2) Jacob Lory of St. Keverne, yeoman

Property and land in Kenwyn, St Keverne, Bodmin and Gerrans.
Catalogue Ref. BRA1623
FILE  [no title] - ref.  BRA1623/1  - date: 7 December 1742 
    [from Scope and Content] (i) relating to a moiety and a fourth part of 
property in Kenwyn, St. Keverne, Bodmin and Gerrans. For (ii) to become tenant 
of freehold for recovery to be suffered. Warwick Oben demandant. Vouchee to be 
    [from Scope and Content] - - undivided moiety of Chywoute, St. Keverne 
(= Chywoon). 
FILE  [no title] - ref.  BRA1623/3  - date: Michaelmas Term 1779 
    [from Scope and Content] - - moiety of property in Kenwyn, St. Keverne, 
Bodmin, and Gerrans. 
FILE  [no title] - ref.  BRA1623/4 [n.d.] 
    [from Scope and Content] To John Hearle Tremayne of Heligan, esq. and 
testator's son the Revd. Samuel Thomas Gully, clerk: undivided moiety of 
Treworder and Penventinie in Kenwyn and of Chion in St. Keverne (= Chywoon) 
with redeemed land tax on above manors and estates. In trust to sell Treworder, 
Penventinie and Chion. Capital from proceeds of sale for placing son Peter 
Thomas Gully in a trade or business.
Perranarworthal Parish Church
Catalogue Ref. P 182
Church of England, Perranarworthal Parish, Cornwall 
[Access Conditions] 
         FILE - Counsel's opinion re settlement of Grace Lugg - ref.  P 
              182/13/5  - date: 16 Dec. 1765 
             [from Scope and Content] Married Geo. Lugg of St. Keverne who 
went to sea and was not heard of, married Fras Benney of Mawgan, heard first 
husband was alive, left him and purchased leasehold estate at Perranarworthal, 
fell poor and returned to St. Keverne


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