R. Rogers and Son, Solicitors
Helston Cornwall

 St. Hilary, St. Keverne, Manaccan and Wendron 
         FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/3731  - date: 6 Jan. 1780 
             By Thos. Morish of St. Keverne pilot re piloting a Swedish ship into Falmouth (captain 
             ignored his advice and wind carried them to France) 
        Bastardy bonds and depositions 
         FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/4244  - date: 18 April 1823 
           Bond: Jas. Richards of St. Keverne, mariner (father), Mark Daniell of St. Keverne, mariner. 
	  Settlement examinations 
         FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/4306  - date: 11 April 1741 
             Wm. Duncalf, resident in St. Keverne; aged 40, born Gunwalloe 
	  Settlement appeals, legal cases, etc. 
         FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/4364, 4365  - date: 5, 19 Feb. 1740/1 
         Examinations of Leonard Burgh, settlement, North Allerton, Yorks, Alex. Roberts, settlement 
Illogan; John Williams, born Padstow; John Simons, born Perranzabulo, settlement St. Keverne; Edw. 
Ferris, born Truro, settlement St. Clement; Geo. Hockin, born Camborne; Bernard Creed, born 
Sithney, settlement Wendron; Philemon Champion, Quaker, born St. Dennis; Colan Tregoning, born 
Gwennap; Geo. Knight, born St. Agnes; Rich. Remfry, born Redruth; Nich. Hodge, born St. Agnes; 
Wm. Bryant, born St. Martin, Cornwall settlement St. Margaret, Westminster; Jas. Floyd, born 
Gwinear, settlement, Wendron; Rich. Bennets, born Camborne; Thos. Hill, cordwainer, settlement 
Falmouth; John Jewell, born Tresco, Scilly; Humphrey Packer, settlement St. Thomas, Salisbury, 
Wilts.; Eliz. wife of John Nicholls, settlement Redruth; Jas. Mildren, settlement St. Keverne; Rich. 
Cockin, born Redruth; Eliz. Pearce, born Sithney, settlement Falmouth; Abijah Lobb, born Stithians; 
Thos. Roberts, tinner, born Wendron; John Nancarro, Quaker, born St. Agnes 
         FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/4370-4374  - date: 22 July 1741 
             Removal orders of J. Floyd, B. Creed and T. Roberts, to Wendron; A Roberts, wife Joan, 
             children Rob., Henry, Cordelia and Mary to Illogan; J. Williams and wife Margaret to  
             Padstow; R.Bennets, tinner to Camborne; J. Mildren and wife Eliz. to St. Keverne 
      Weights and measures 
 FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/5065, 5066  - date: 26 Aug. 1826 
                Conviction order of John Exelby of St. Keverne for short measure, with deposition 
FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/62681  - date: 1903 
          Draft and copy declaration by Percival Dacres Williams of Lanarth, St. Keverne, as Sheriff of 
  DEEDS OF TITLE       St. Anthony in Meneage 
   FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/6337  - date: 24 Aug. 1775 
                - to friends Jas. Burwinney of Helston, gent. and Edw. Pearce jnr. of St. Keverne,  
                surgeon, all property in trust for son Matthew until 21 
      Manaccan Treath 
         FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/6352  - date: 16 April 1744; proved 11 July 1744 
            - to Solomon Lawrance of St. Keverne, yeo. estate in Helford and house in Manaccan Church 
            Town in trust for daur. Mgt. wife of Wm. Lake and her children.
         FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/6353A  - date: 10 May 1825 
             - to Alice Raily, widow, Phil Flindell, shipwright, Sarah Smith of Helston, widow,  
            Margery, wife of John Pearce of St. Keverne, blacksmith, Wm. & Jas. Samble, carpenters,   
            Loveday Guy, Mgt.Wakern, Sam. Williams of St. Blazey and his children, daur. of  
            Thos. Williams of St. Blazey, John Retallack, innkeeper £75 each. 

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/6353B  - date: (1699-1825), 1832 
             Abstract of title of Henry James of St. Keverne, mariner to Treath in Manaccan 
   Mixed parishes 
             St. Hilary, St. Keverne and Wendron: tithe rent charge Manaccan: Halvose; 
             Wendron: Gwealhellis 
            FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/6358  - date: 1855 
              Abstract of title to Halvose in Manaccan, Gwealhellis in Wendron and rent charge in 
              lieu of great tithes of Wendron, St. Hilary and St. Keverne (1801-1855;  
              Humphry Millett Grylls was mortgagee) 
   LEASES  Gunwalloe 
 FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/6445  - date: 21 September 1791 
                (2) John Williams of St. Keverne, gent 
 FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/6469  - date: 17 July 1793 
                (2) Jas. Murrish of St. Keverne, yeo. 
         FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/6509-6524  - date: 1814-1831 
             Rentals of lands of Humphrey Millett Grylls esq. in St. Anthony in Meneage, Breage, Crowan 
             Cury, Germoe, Helston, Manaccan, Marazion, Paul, Sithney and Wendron, manors of Gavergan, 
             Minster, Penryn Foreign and Tregurtha, tithes of Cury and St. Keverne, fish tithes of  
             Gunwalloe, 1814,1815, 1816, 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820/1821 (bound together), 1822/1823 
             (bound together), 1824, 1825, 1826, 1827, 1828, 1829, 1830, 1831. 
         FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/6646  - date: 1884 
             Sale particular of Gwealhellis and tithe rent charges of Cury, St. Hilary, Wendron and 
      FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/6651  - date: 1813 
          - to son Thos. G. moiety of Pennance in St. Keverne, Little Tratford in Lansallos, Tretherne 
          in Lanteglos and St. Teath and Bodulgate in Lanteglos 
DEEDS OF BODEN in St. Anthony in Meneage 
   FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/7013  - date: 1 April 1673 
       (2) Geo. Tregosse of St. Keverne, gent. 
   FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/7022  - date: 28 March 1701 
       (2) Anth. Hosken of Tregowras, St. Keverne, yeo. 
   FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/7023, 7024  - date: 3, 4 April 1701 
       (2) John Hosken, junior of St. Keverne. 
   FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/7026-7028  - date: 29, 30 Oct. 1707 
       (2) John Hosken of St. Keverne, yeo. 
   FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/7032  - date: 8 Dec. 1733 
       (1) Anth. Hosken of Tregowriss, St. Keverne, gent. 
   Cornwall, Western Division 
          FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/8050-8058  - date: Aug. 1838 
          Parish overseers' lists of persons objected to as voters for Breage, Crowan, St. Keverne, 
          Landewednack, St. Martin in Meneage, Mawgan in Meneage, Mullion, Ruan Major and Wendron 
	  FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/8084-8096  - date: 1839 
          Parish overseers' lists of persons objected to as voters for St. Anthony and Manaccan, Breage 
          Constantine, Crowan, Grade, Gwinear, helston, St. Keverne, Landewednack, Mawgan in Meneage, 
          Mullion, Ruan Minor and Wendron (pr.) 
	  FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/8100-8116  - date: 1839 
          Voters' lists for St. Anthony, Breage (pr.), Constantine (pr.), Crowan (pr.), Cury, Grade, 
          Helston (pr.), St. Keverne, Landewednack, Manaccan, St. Martin in Meneage, Mawgan in Meneage 
          (pr.), Mullion, Ruan Major, Ruan Minor, Sithney (pr.) and Wendron (pr.) 
	  FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/8129-8141  - date: 1842 
          Voter's lists for Breage (pr.) Constantine (pr.), Crowan (pr.), Cury, Gunwalloe, Helston  
          (pr.), St. Keverne, Landewednack, Mawgan in Meneage (pr.), Mullion, Ruan Major, Ruan Minor  
          and Wendron 
	  FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/8252-8258  - date: 1884 
          Lists of persons entitled to vote (pr.) for Cury, Gunwalloe, Helston, St. Keverne and Wendron 
	  FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/8261-8263  - date: July 1884 
          Lists of persons claiming to vote (pr.) for Cury, St. Keverne and Wendron 
	  FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/8267-8269  - date: Aug. 1884 
          Overseers' lists of persons objected to as voters (pr.) for St. Keverne and Wendron 
   Cornwall, Truro Division 
          FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/8337-8342  - date: July 1886 
          Lists of persons entitled to be registered, Helston, St. Keverne, Mawgan in Meneage, Sithney 
          and Wendron 
	  FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/8343-8348  - date: July 1886 
          Lists of persons claiming to be registered (including lodgers) for Helston, St. Keverne, 
          Mawgan in Meneage and Sithney 
	  FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/8357-8362  - date: 1892 
          Electorial registers for Polling Districts of Constantine (Constantine, Mawnan), Crowan 
          (Crowan, Sithney), Mawgan in Meneage and Wendron, and for Electoral Division of St. Keverne 
          (Cury, Grade, Gunwalloe, St. Keverne, Landewednack, Manaccan, Martin in Meneage, Mullion,  
          Ruan Major, Ruan Minor) 
	  FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/8370-8373  - date: 1906 
          Electoral registers for St. Keverne Electoral Division, Wendron North (2 copies, 1 annotated) 
          and Wendron South 
Sale particulars
   Abstracts of title to properties of Viscount Clifden - ref. RO/8841-8851  
         FILE  [no title] - ref.  RO/8841  - date: 1912 
             Premises in St. Keverne and Grade


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