Records of Body, Son and Fleury, Plymouth
Chartered Surveyors

Catalogue Ref. BY
Body, Son and Fleury, Plymouth, chartered surveyors

Carclew (Tremayne)

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  BY/132  - date: 1939
       [from Scope and Content] Newspaper cutting about Carclew sales:
       Mylor, St. Gluvias, Kenwyn and St. Keverne

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  BY/139  - date: nd
       [from Scope and Content] Tracings: lands at St. Keverne and


   FILE  [no title] - ref.  BY/368  - date: nd
       [from Scope and Content] Proof plans of St. Keverne, Gerrans, Hayle,
       Sancreed, St. Columb.

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  BY/371  - date: 1920
       [from Scope and Content] Sale poster Rosewarne and portions of the
       Rosteague estates (Gwinear: Roseworthy Farm, Weeth Farm, a farm at
       Roseworthy, Polmennor Farm, Roseveth farm, Roseworthy Grist mill and land. St.
       Keverne: Trelanvean Farm. Phillack East: Kayle Farm, accommodation lands at
       Copperhouse. Sancreed: Trevean and Treworrian farms. Wendron: Lower
       Pencoose farm, Tregarrick farm. Gerrans: Higher Tregassa farm. Seaside building
       sites at Portscatho. St. Columb Major: Tresaddern farm. St. Breock: Roskear
       farm. Camborne: building sites. Roseworthy House and Water Power Hammer

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  BY/373  - date: 1920
       [from Scope and Content] Copy of sale catalogue: Rosewarne and
       portions of the Rosteague estates of Mr. L. S. L. Van Grutten. (Gwinear,
       Camborne, Sancreed, Phillack East, St. Keverne, Wendron, Gerrans, St. Columb
       Major, St. Breock and St. Gluvias). With plans

Tremayne, Carclew

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  BY/524  - date: 1926
       [from Scope and Content] Papers re sale of Tregarne etc. in St. Keverne

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  BY/532  - date: 1925
       [from Scope and Content] Dean Quarry, St. Keverne (lands formerly
       part of Treglohan and Trythance farms)

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  BY/567  - date: 1944-1945
       [from Scope and Content] File re proposed licence to work quarry at
       Dean Point, St. Keverne (also mineral rights at Trelonk, Ruanlanihorne)

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  BY/577  - date: 1926
       [from Scope and Content] File re Tregarne farm, St. Keverne

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  BY/577  - date: 1926
       [from Scope and Content] File re Tregarne farm, St. Keverne

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  BY/629  - date: nd
       [from Scope and Content] List of rack rents, St. Keverne, Wendron,
       Kenwyn, Kea, Feock.

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  BY/637  - date: nd
       [from Scope and Content] Part of proof of sale plan: Tregarne, St.

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  BY/674  - date: 1938
       [from Scope and Content] List of parts of estate for sale by private
        treaty: Mylor St. Gluvias, Kenwyn, St. Keverne

Catalogue Ref. BU
Buller family of Morval House, Cornwall


   West Cornwall Estate

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  BU/8  - date: 1652 - 58
          [from Scope and Content] Leases, Trevean and Chifrane in St.

Catalogue Ref. BPENR
Penryn Borough, Cornwall


      Property in Penryn not owned by corporation.

         Heame property

            Oyster shell lane.

               FILE  [no title] - ref.  BPENR/265  - date: 4 Oct. 1851
                   [from Scope and Content] Also 2 dwelling-houses at Tregarne
                   in St. Keverne.

     Property in other parishes


            College Green

               FILE  [no title] - ref.  BPENR/315  - date: 22 Feb. 1811
                   [from Scope and Content] Ely Cuttance of St. Keverne, yeo.,
                   Jn. Adams of Constantine, gent., to Jn. Austin of Penryn, yeo.

Records of the Leah family of Paul
Catalogue Ref. X 573
Leah family of Paul, Cornwall


   Parish of Paul


         Rose hill, etc.

            FILE  [no title] - ref.  X 573/24/1,2  - date: 29,30 Sept. 1823
                [from Scope and Content] (1) John Trevenen of Helston esq.,
                Humph.Millett Grylls of Helston esq. (trustees of estate of Jas. Pascoe of St.
                Keverne clerk decd).
                [from Scope and Content] (2) Jas. Pascoe of St. Keverne clerk,
                Dorothy Pascoe of Helston, spinster, John Bennett Pascoe of Helston gent., John
                Borlase of Helston gent. and Mary (nee Pascoe) his wife.

   Mixed parishes

      St. Buryan, St. Ives, St. Just in Penwith, Kenwyn, St.
      Keverne, Lelant, Ludgvan, Madron, Paul, Penzance, Sennen,
      Sithney and Zennor; also countries of Hampshire, London
      and Surrey

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  X 573/82  - date: 31 Dec. 1825
             [from Scope and Content] Manor of Penzance and St. Just, in
             Penzance, St. Just (in Penwith), Sennen, Madron, St. Buryan, Paul and Ludgvan;
             Higher Bray and Lower Bray occ. John Tremewan; with Quaker burial ground
             nearby; 2/3 of Bray Vean occ. Geo. Bone, 6/9 of Higher Bosweddan occ. Nick.
             and John Boyns with 3 messuages nearby, 22/24 of Treese or Tretheese occ.
             Mich. Davy and Thos. Ellis, 3 of Bosean occ. Hugh Woolcock, with stamping mill,
             all in St. Just in Penwith; tenements in Trelew, St. Buryan, occ. Wm. Nicholas and
             others; moiety of Lasingey late occ. Thos. Fox now occ. Thos. Ellis, Tremethack
             occ. Philip Argal and others, both in Madron; messuage near the Green occ. Benj.
             Trembath and Eliz. Ustick, plot of ground with ruined pleasure house and 4
             messuages, mess. in Alverton St. occ. exors of Margery Jenkin dec'd., mess. near
             the Cross occ. John James and Bernard Victor, 3 mess. in Alverton St. occ. Wm.
             and Mary Cock, 2 mess. in Market St. occ. Edw. Rowe printer and John Symons
             druggist, with rooms behind, mess, near the cross occ. Ralph Hacker Bodilly and
             others, with mess,. and joiner's shop behind, mess. in Market St. occ. Robert
             Dunkin, mess and shop near Cross occ. Robert Matthews Branwell, mess. facing
             Lady St. occ. Henry Edmonds, 4/8 of mess. gdn. and meadow in Marketjew St.
             occ. Peter Roberts and Richard Sampson, 4 fields converted to 3 near Alverton St.
             occ. Wm. and Mary Cock with loft nearby late occ. Wm. Ellis dec'd, all in
             Penzance; barton etc. part of Tredavoe occ. reps. of Jas. Bodinnar dec'd. barton
             etc. part of Penolva occ. Sam. Wright and another part occ. Hannibal Usler, all in
             Paul; barton etc. called Treeve or Trerise occ. Wm. Stevens, with Quaker's
             meeting house and stable, moiety of Park Vor, Trevayan, Givele Noweth, the
             Higher Givele, Gollans, the Lower Pool Down and Havas an Auls with mess. in
             Escalls occ. John Vingoe, barton in Trevesean occ. John Vingoe, moiety of Park-
             an-Shaftes, Park-an-Towen, the Lower Giveal, Collus and the Higher Pool Down
             with croft house in Escalls occ. Wm. and Jas. Richards, share in barton etc. called
             Trevear occ. John Permewan jnr., all in Sennen; barton etc. called Botreva in
             Ludgvan occ. Rich. Carman; tenements called Carvose's, Head's, Potter's, Castle
             Downs and Chipman's, and field called Harvey's, in Tredavoe, occ. Thos.
             Caravose, Emp's tenement in Tredavoe occ. Robert and Matthew Wallis, fields in
             Tredavoe occ. Nick. Rodda and others occ. Francis Sadner, barton etc. in
             Tredavoe occ. Mich. Davey, all in Paul; barton etc. called the Strife Lands part of
             Tredinney in St. Buryan occ. John Clements; moiety of Great Chucoutter, Little
             Chucoutter, Higher Park Trap, Lower Park Trap and the Gew in Torleaven and
             Talpons occ. Arch. Blair, messuages etc. occ. Port Leaven Harbour Company,
             moiety of Park Mener and the Way Croft in Torleaven and Tolpons occ. John
             Rogers, moiety of barton of Torleaven occ. Wm. Julian, all in Sithney; manor of
             Trewethen and Coverack, barton etc. in Trewothen occ. Digory and John Roberts,
             barton etc. in Trewothen occ. Wm. Roskilly and Mark Munday, barton etc. in
             Trewothan occ. Eliz. Pengilly, barton etc. in Trewothen occ. John Harris, mill pool
             in Trewothea occ. Elisha Martin, green lately enclosed in Coverack, quay at
             Coverack, watchouse at Coverack occ. Commrs. of Customs, messuages and fish
             cellars etc. in Coverack occ. Henry James and 24 others (named), all in St.
             Keverne; manor of Treva and Lelant in St. Ives, Gulval, Lelant, Ludgvan and
             Zennor; 1/6 of Boskednan Wartha occ. John Treneere in Gulval; 1/3 of Treva occ.
             reps. of Thos. Symons, 2/3 of sundry fields occ. Mr. Wm. Bosustow, 2/3 of sundry
             fields near Gonwin occ. John Morshead, 1/3 of land and 2 stamping mills at Treva
             occ. Wm. Praed esq., 2/3 of Hampton's tenement occ. Ann Richards, all in Lelant;
             2/3 of bartons in Colloran occ. Jas. Eddy and Francis Rouse, 2/3 of 1/8 of Park
             Bacon in Crowlas occ. John Simmons, all in Ludgvan; 2/3 of barton called
             Porthmeor occ. David Berryman, 2/3 of Treethene or Trune occ. Wm. Legge, 2/3
             of Trebean in Trewey occ. Nick. and John Stevens, all in Zennor; 1/6 of barton in
             Hendra in St. Ives occ. John Major; messuages, orchard etc. in Kenwyn; also
             small properties in Binstead, Alton and Bramshot in Hants.; Thursley in Surrey,
             and St. Mary Woolnoth in London.


   Parish of Paul


         Various properties

            FILE  [no title] - ref.  X 573/152  - date: 14 Jan. 1766
                [from Scope and Content] (1) Jas. Pascoe of St. Keverne Clerk

Catalogue Ref. RD
Rodd family of Trebartha, Northill, Cornwall



      Title deeds

         Wadge's Trenilk

            FILE  [no title] - ref.  RD/133  - date: 1826
                [from Scope and Content] (1) Rob. Bullen of St. Keverne, officer
                of excise, and w. Annabella, to (2) rev. Sam. Archer of Lewannick, clerk

Catalogue Ref. RP
Rogers family of Penrose, Helston, Cornwall

Family Papers, mainly 1641-1845

   Volume labelled 'Family Papers Vol. 1 1666-1732'.

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  RP/2/82  - date: 20 May 1723
          [from Scope and Content] (Rec. Stephen Banfield of Mylor by bill of 6
          January 1711 bound to Z. Rogers in £100 for sure payment of £50 before 25
          December 1711. Rec. Nicholas Trengrouse and Edwd. Courtis Mullion, yeomen by
          bill obligatory of 12 May 1714 bound to (i) in £100 for payment of £50 and
          interest on 11 Nov. 1714 Rec. Geo. Harris, John Harris and Robt. Harris of St.
          Keverne, yeomen by bill obligatory of 30 December 1716 bound in £200 to (i) for
          payment of £100 before 30 June 1717. Rec. Francis Paynter, jun. of Boskenna
          Park by bill obligatory of 27 May 1720 bound to (i) in sum of £100 for pay of £50
          and interest before 27 May 1721.

Volume of transcripts made by John Amyatt Chaundy Vincent
10 Oct.-12 Nov. 1873.

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  RP/6/31  - date: 1873
       [from Scope and Content] Notice by John Dewy of his gift and grant to
       John Trelowarth and Joan his wife of messuages, lands, tenements, rents and
       services and reversions in the vills of Fyntevenna (= Ventonvedna in Sithney) and
       Trenans (? Trenance in St. Keverne or Mullion).

Autograph Volumes

   Second volume of autographs

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  RP/17/75  - date: 11 June 1817
          [from Scope and Content] Letter from Ashhurst Majendie
          (mineralogist) to the Revd. John Rogers. With specimens of minerals from the
          Paris basin and others. Thanks him for sending box of minerals from St. Keverne.
          News of Dr. Paris and of geological transactions about to be published. Is going to
          Paris, Geneva and Italy with his hammer.

Military and Lieutenancy etc.

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  RP/101  - date: (Late August or early October 1803)
       [from Scope and Content] Wanted return of number of waggons and
       carts available. Also beacon at St. Keverne to be seen from Pendennis. Also Corps
       of Pioneers of miners to be appointed by the Lord Warden of the Stannaries if not
       already recommended. Asks him to check list of guides and pioneers from West
       Division of Kerrier.

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  RP/121  - date: (Nov. 1803)
       [from Scope and Content] Letter from Sir V. Vyvyan to Mr. Borlase
       about Pioneers from St. Keverne, St. Martin and Mawgan in Meneage.

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  RP/127-128  - date: 15 November 1803
       [from Scope and Content] 2 lists of Pioneers for St. Keverne (Turn

Sitwell, Harvey and Money of Truro, Solicitors
Catalogue Ref. SHM
Sitwell, Harvey and Money, Truro, Cornwall, solicitors
Sitwell, Money and Murdock, Truro, Cornwall, solicitors

[from Scope and Content]  St. Keverne
[from Scope and Content]  Kenwyn, St. Allen, St. Wenn, St.
[from Scope and Content]  Redruth, St. Agnes, Perranarworthal, St.
Keverne, St. Gluvias, Mylor



      Carnon Treleaver, Feock, Sluts Coombe, Kea and
      Creegbrose, Kenwyn 

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  SHM/192  - date: 7 Feb. 1822
             [from Scope and Content] 3. Walter Davies, St. Keverne, yeo.

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  SHM/193  - date: 25 July 1822
             [from Scope and Content] 1. Walter Davies, St. Keverne, yeo.



      FILE  [no title] - ref.  SHM/412  - date: 14 Nov. 1741
          [from Scope and Content] 2. Sam. White, St. Keverne, yeo.



         FILE  [no title] - ref.  SHM/653  - date: 12 Mar. 1838
             [from Scope and Content] - Treworder, Penventince - Kenwyn;
             Chion, St. Keverne


         FILE  [no title] - ref.  SHM/658/1  - date: 25 Sep. 1874
             [from Scope and Content] - As SHM/657 - with schedule of leases
             on Sinns; Grt. Trelane, Bahow, Burnt Croft common - with field names, St.
             Keverne; Little Bargers, Perranarworthal unspecified property in St. Agnes,
             Gwennap, Kenwyn, Calstock, Devon and Glamorgan

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  SHM/659  - date: 21 Feb. 1882
             [from Scope and Content] - Workhouse tenement, Gwennap;
             Trelan and Bahow, St. Keverne; 3 cottages nr. Goonvrae, Perranarworthal;
             shares in Wheal Towan, St. Agnes; mineral rights in Camborne and Gwithian;
             Personal effects and life assurance policies


   FILE  [no title] - ref.  SHM/826  - date: 14 Jan. 1742
       [from Scope and Content] Oliver Pearse, yngr., Gwennap, yeo., to Hen.
       Incledon, St. Keverne, merch., to secure payment of £160

Spear and Sons of Plymouth, solicitors
Catalogue Ref. SP
[from Scope and Content]  Documents relating to the estate of
William Dickinson in the parish of St. Keverne (Arrowan, Coverack,
Cuttance, Poldowrian, part of the Reskymer estate, Trewillis and
[from Scope and Content]  Papers relating to the administration of
the St. Keverne estate and to personal and family settlements
[from Scope and Content]  Papers dealing with the administration
(by Bewes, Dickinson and Scott) of the William Dickinson Trust,
including many detailed accounts, correspondence, and draft
agreements, leases etc. of properties in St. Keverne; also draft
conveyances and correspondence relating to properties in Kent,
Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex, chiefly for the early 20th century




         FILE  [no title] - ref.  SP/3/1,2  - date: 1820
             [from Scope and Content] Lease and release, Mrs. Caroline Buller
             and others to Jacob Lory, "sundry lands" in St. Keverne

   Reskymer estate

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  SP/45  - date: 1883
          [from Scope and Content] Abstract of title of G. L. Basset to
          Pednavounder in St. Keverne, (lot 16 in Reskymer sale)


   FILE  [no title] - ref.  SP/107  - date: c. 1890
       [from Scope and Content] Particulars of farms in the parish of St.
       Keverne, the property of William Dickinson esq."; 6" O.S. plan

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  SP/109  - date: 1898
       [from Scope and Content] Transfer of mortgage (Lucas-Bucknell and
       others), property in St. Keverne (unspecified)

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  SP/110  - date: 1907
       [from Scope and Content] Valuation by Henry Tresawna of lands in St.
       Keverne (W. Dickinson decd.)


   St. Keverne

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  SP/149  - date: 1940s
          [from Scope and Content] Extracts from tithe apportionment,
          accounts etc. relating to tithes on St. Keverne properties

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  SP/152  - date: 1936-1945
          [from Scope and Content] Accounts and receipts (building and
          maintenance, income tax etc.) relating to St. Keverne properties

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  SP/153  - date: 1883
          [from Scope and Content] Sale catalogue, manors of Reskymer
          Cutter and Reskymer Meneage, St. Keverne, Manaccan and St. Mawgan in
          Meneage, (Tehidy estate)

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  SP/155  - date: 1879
          [from Scope and Content] Ordnance Survey reference book to plan of
          St. Keverne (plot number, acreage, cultivation)

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  SP/156/1-16  - date: early 20th cent
          [from Scope and Content] Plans and tracings, properties in St.
          Keverne, mostly early 20th cent.

St Anthony in Meneage, parish church
Catalogue Ref. P 5
Church of England, St Anthony in Meneage Parish, Cornwall

[Access Conditions]


   FILE - Removal order of Zenobia White, singlewoman, to St. Keverne - ref.  P
         5/13/2/1  - date: 20 September 1766

St Anthony in Meneage Parish Council
Catalogue Ref. PCANM
St Anthony in Meneage Parish Meeting, Cornwall

[Access Conditions]

     FILE - Hosken Charity Deed: conveyance (copy) - ref.  PCANM/6/1  - date: 22
            April 1743 - 17 February 1892
            [from Scope and Content] (In trust for (ii) to use annuity for paying a
            school master (or mistress(es) ) 'for the Instructing and Teaching Poor Children
            to read and write ...' Children to be children of poor persons receiving pay of the
            parish 'or whose parents are not capable of giving them such Education'. For lives
            of Anthony Hosken and Mary his wife. Children to be chosen by George Hosken,
            St. Anthony in Meneage, gent., on 25 March yearly. School to be in St. Anthony
            and governed by rules and orders of (i). Successors of masters/mistresses to be
            chosen by majority votes of the trustees within one month of the death of
            master/mistress(es). Master or mistress(es) to be paid £4 yearly by trustees. If
            children become too few for payment of £4, residue to be spent on 'cloathing
            such poor children and purchasing and buying common prayer books for them'. If
            trustees neglected to provide master/mistress(es) then trustees to hold annuity
            in trust for the poor of St. Keverne). 22 April 1743

Cornwall Record Office: St Buryan Parish
Catalogue Ref. P23
Church of England, St Buryan Parish, Cornwall

[Access Conditions]



      Accounts of solicitors for Poor Law business

         FILE - Account of Samuel John concerning removal of Simon Pentecost
               from St. Keverne - ref.  P23/13/6/9  - date: June-July 1821

St Keverne Parish Church
Catalogue Ref. P99
Church of England, St Keverne Parish, Cornwall

[Access Conditions]



      Register of baptisms, marriages and burials

         FILE - Banns of marriage certificate for Edward Williams of Penryn, St
               Gluvias and Elizabeth Jose of St Keverne, from A. A. Vawdrey, Vicar of St. Gluvias
               - ref.  P99/1/18  - date: 4-18 March 1906

      Various papers 

         FILE - Volume entitled Sketches of Sermons - ref.  P99/2/15  - date: c.1820
             [from Scope and Content] [Indexed; the handwriting is that of the
             Revd. William Whitehead, Curate of St Keverne 1807 - 1817 and Curate of Mylor
             1818 - 1823. He died 13 Aug. 1823 aged 45. There is a memorial to him in Mylor
             Church. One of the sermons cites a printed work of 1820]


         FILE - Tithe rate and poor rate account book for St. Keverne (By Turns) -
                ref.  P99/3/1/1  - date: 1810-1826

         FILE - Tithe rate and poor rate account book for St. Keverne (By Turns) -
                ref.  P99/3/1/2  - date: 1827-1837

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  P99/3/1/3  - date: 15 May 1906
             [from Scope and Content] Letter from H.A. Michell, Scorrier on
             behalf of Mr. John Williams to the Revd. W.A. Diggins, St. Keverne accompanying
             cheque of £14.16s.2d. for half years payment of tithes to 31 March 1906




         FILE - Removal orders to the parish. - ref.  P99/13/3/1-82  - date:1762-1855
             [from Scope and Content] Some orders carry examinations,
             appeals etc. attached to them or in one envelope. Contains two notices of
             removal orders to St. Keverne of 7 July 1840 and 2 April 1842. Bundles or
             envelopes have been given one number only.


         FILE - Agreement about the apprenticeship of John King of St. Keverne. -
               ref.  P99/14/187  - date: 1 June 1787


         FILE  [no title] - ref.  P99/16(b)/1-40  - date: 1811-58
             [from Scope and Content] Accounts, receipts; survey for providing
             the poor house with provisions (1821); letters with or without enclosures;
             agreement for maintenance; letters about parish subcription to Royal Cornwall
             Infirmary; printed forms for right to vote; some Poor Law Union (post 1834)
             papers; tender for supplying barley (1847) (P 99/16(b)/23/9); reference to
             failure of crops (P 99/16(b)/25) (1847); notices of distraint of rates not paid
             (1850) (with extract from St. Keverne Poor Rate of 1849); file of accounts of
             constables paid by overseers 1849/50 (P/16(b)/27); appointment of overseers;
             orders for payment of allowance to pauper.



         FILE - 'Lists of poor persons of St. Keverne recommended by the parish
               officers to be excused their poor rates' - ref.  P99/17/1-47  - date: 1839-54



         FILE - St. Keverne highways account book. - ref.  P99/21/1  - date:1795-1806


         FILE - Appointment of surveyors of highways, St. Keverne. - ref.  P99/22/1  - date: 1829

Stephens of Ashfield, Budock
Catalogue Ref. ST
Stephens family of Ashfield, Cornwall




         FILE  [no title] - ref.  ST/1156  - date: c. 1930
             [from Scope and Content] St. Keverne: Coverack Mill

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  ST/1157  - date: c. 1950
             [from Scope and Content] St. Keverne: Manacles Rocks

Tehidy Minerals
Catalogue Ref. TEM
Tehidy Minerals Limited, Cornwall, mining company

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  TEM/1/36  - date: 27th Feb. 1771 and 16th Mar. 1771
             [from Scope and Content] Copies of letters from J. Hosken and G. Veale:
             concerns sale of Trevenith at St. Keverne

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  TEM/186  - date: 1751-1847
             [from Scope and Content] Sett, Priscan (St. Keverne) 1751, Trevenson
             and Penhellick, 1751-1847.

The Spry Family of Tregolls and Place.
Catalogue Ref. S
Spry family of Tregolls and Place, Cornwall
[from Scope and Content]  St. Keverne


   Composite parishes.

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  S/235  - date: 9 June 1704
          [from Scope and Content] Boscawen property in St. Buryan, Paul, St.
          Hilary, Landewednack, St. Martin and St. Anthony-in-Meneage, St. Keverne,
          Manaccan, Mullion, Feock, Stithians, Kea, Perranarworthal, Gwennap, Kenwyn,
          St. Allen, St. Clement, Truro, St. Michael Penkivel, Lamorran, Merther, Probus,
          Ladock, Philleigh, St. Anthony-in-Roseland, St. Just-in-Roseland, St. James'
          Tregony, Cuby, Veryan, Gerrans, Ruanlanihorne, St. Enoder, Mitchell, St. Ewe, St.
          Dennis, St. Stephen-in-Brannel, St. Columb Major, Roche, St. Austell, St. Wenn,
          Egloshayle, Blisland, Bodmin, St. Ervan, Grampound, Creed, St. Issey, St.
          Merryn, St. Mabyn, St. Kew, St. Breward, St. Erme, Cubert, St. Agnes,
          Perranzabuloe, Newlyn, Crantock, St. Columb Minor, Marazion, Breage, Sithney,
          Crowan, Helston, Wendron, Constantine, and Liskeard.

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  S/239  - date: Easter term 1711
          [from Scope and Content] Manors of Lanheron (Lanherne, St.
          Mawgan-in-Pydar), Treloy (St. Columb Minor), Tremblethe (St. Ervan), Penlees
          (St. Breock), Nansladron (St. Ewe), Eniscaben (St. Dennis), Bodwaneck and
          Resperie (both Lanivet), Bodbrane (Duloe), Truro vean, Kenall (Stithians),
          Tregaren (? St. Keverne), Landorowe (? Mylor), Carminowe (Mawgan-in-
          Meneage), Wynianton (Gunwalloe), Prispineck (Sithney), Pengwena (Breage),
          Conerton (Gwithian), Mitchell (St. Enoder), St. Columb, Roseworthy (Gwinear),
          Rivier (Phillack), Tregorek (St. Austell), Demeliock (St. Dennis), and Newland (?

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  S/241/1,2  - date: 19/20 June 1745
          [from Scope and Content] Tremough alias Trerose, and Halvosse,
          both in Mabe; Gwarder alias Mather in St. Gluvias; Bossowsack, Bosworan,
          Tregliswith, Treveas, Trebarva, all in Constantine; Tregunoens (? Tregunokes) in
          Wendron, with 2 grist mills and 2 stamping mills; Argall Dew in Budock;
          Hendrifton in St. Cleer; Prospidnick in Sithney; Porcollombe in St. Erth;
          Portcoverack in St. Keverne; tenements in St. Columb, houses in Penryn; Globe
          Inn, Bridgewater, and houses in Taunton, both Somerset.


   St. Keverne.

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  S/350  - date: 29 Sep. 1677
          [from Scope and Content] Messuage and cellars in St. Keverne, in
          occ. of Sampson Sands, part of Chembloth tenement.



      FILE  [no title] - ref.  S/661  - date: 23 Nov. 1928
          [from Scope and Content] (2) John Charles Lewis Pearce of Church
          Farm, St. Keverne

The Water Mills of St Keverne
Catalogue Ref. X527
Unwin, A P, fl 1978, author, of Ruan Minor, Cornwall

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  X527/1  - date: nd
           [from Scope and Content] Original manuscript of 'The Water Mills of St. Keverne'
	       by A. P. Unwin

Thomas Hyne Edwards
Catalogue Ref. X393

Families for whom Thos. Hyne Edwards of Helston,
conveyancer, acted as trustee or administrator of estates.



         FILE  [no title] - ref.  X393/18  - date: 26 Sep. 1850
             [from Scope and Content] (1) Chas. Hale of Gwinear, mine agent,
             to (2) Wm. Carlyon of St. Keverne and Ben Trerise of Gwinear, yeo.

      St. Keverne (Mary Hale's trust).

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  X393/23  - date: 25 June 1853
             [from Scope and Content] 2 houses with gdns., mowhay and
             fields, part of Treloyhan in St. Keverne (leased 1826 by Sir Rich. Rawlinson
             Vyvyan to Joias B.)

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  X393/24  - date: 1853-71
             [from Scope and Content] Bundle of letters, papers and accounts
             concerning Josias Boulden's premises in St. Keverne, with papers relating to Mary
             Hale's trust


      Ruan Major, Mullion, Mawgan-in-Meneage.

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  X393/32  - date: 29 Nov. 1820
             [from Scope and Content] (1) Jas. James, Sam Grose and Hen.
             Dale (2) Jn. Philp of Helston, plasterer, and w. Margery, formerly Lyne, (3) Rich.
             Lory jun. of Ruan Major, yeo., and w. Eliz., to Jn. Nicholls of St. Keverne
             schoolmaster, trustee for Margery and Eliz.

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  X393/33  - date: 17 Feb. 1821
             [from Scope and Content] (1) Alex. Pengelly of Grade, yeo., (2)
             Rich. Lory of Ruan Major, yeo., and w. Eliz., to (3) Jn. Nicholls of St. Keverne,

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  X393/36  - date: 25 Mar. 1850
             [from Scope and Content] (1) to (2): Trevalsoe in St. Keverne.

      Will of Rich Lory.

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  X393/39  - date: nd
             [from Scope and Content] Copy will of Rich Lory of Trebarveth, St.
             Keverne, yeo.
             [from Scope and Content] - To w. Eliz. and uncle Wm. Lory of
             Mawnan, cousin Chas. L., and friends, Trebarvath in St. Keverne, also Trevalso
             and leasehold lands there, in trust for sons Rich., Hannibal, Jacob, Jn., Jas. Hen.,
             Wm., Hugh, Geo. and Joseph, and daus. Susanna and Alice.


      FILE  [no title] - ref.  X393/61  - date: Made Dec. 1875
          [from Scope and Content] Copy will of Wm. Williams of Roskilly, St.
          Keverne, gent.
          [from Scope and Content] - £270 to Cuthbert Tremayne of
          Rosenithon, St. Keverne.
          [from Scope and Content] - £100 to Jas. Rule of Lanheverne,
          stonemason, "my old tradesman", and £50 each to "my old tradesmen" Rich
          Harris of St. Keverne and Jn. Penhall of Trevithian, blacksmith.
          [from Scope and Content] - Annuity out of Lestowder in St. Keverne
          to Wm. Richards of Mawgan-in-Meneage, his son, being Mawgan schoolmaster, to
          have Lestowder farm.
          [from Scope and Content] - Jas. Richards, now resident in Australia,
          to have Trelease in St. Keverne.


      Bundle of copy wills (probably administered by T. H.
      Edwards and Wm. Johns) - ref. X393/67/1-31

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  X393/67/22  - date: 1857
             [from Scope and Content] Jacob Lory of St. Keverne

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  X393/67/25  - date: 1859
             [from Scope and Content] Jn. Nicholls of St. Keverne

Families for whom Wm. Johns of Helston, land-surveyor,
acted as trustee or administrator


      Will of Hen. Mark.

         FILE  [no title] - ref.  X393/72  - date: Made 1851, proved 1857
             [from Scope and Content] - Money bequests to servant Mary
             Sedgman of St. Keverne, and niece Alice Mark; she also to have (until her
             marriage) fields called Casterils in Wendron, to be leased to her bro. Henry; Alice
             also to have (until her marriage) rents from great tithes of 2 tenements in
             Gwenter and Gruggoth farm in St. Keverne.


      FILE  [no title] - ref.  X393/75  - date: Made 1835
          [from Scope and Content] - Namboll in St. Keverne left in trust,
          moiety for sons Thos. and Jn., moiety for great grandson Wm.

Thrall, Llewellyn and Pearce, Truro
Catalogue Ref. TLP
Williams family of Pencalenick, Cornwall
[from Scope and Content]  Composite parishes (Bodmin, St.
Clement, Constantine, Camborne, St. Enoder, St. Erme, Feock,
Ladock, Phillack, Tregony, Truro, Veryan, Cardinham, Colan, St.
Columb Mayor, St. Columb Minor, St. Keverne, St. Mawgan-in-
Pydar, Otterham, Padstow, Warleggan, Kenwyn, St. Dennis,
Lanivet, and parishes in Devon).





            FILE  [no title] - ref.  TLP/91/1,2  - date: 30 Mar. 1838
                [from Scope and Content] Jn. Vivian of Pencalenick, esq., to Jas.
                Pascoe of St. Keverne, clerk.




            FILE  [no title] - ref.  TLP/274  - date: 24 Mar. 1790
                [from Scope and Content] Hugh Ley of Abingdon, Oxford,
                surgeon, Jn. Jago of St. Keverne, gent., Thos. Warren of Truro, gent., Jos. Geach
                of Kenwyn, yeo., and Hobson Woolcock of Perranarworthal, yeo., to Rich. Varcoe
                of St. Erme, yeo.


      FILE  [no title] - ref.  TLP/551  - date: 1725-1795
          [from Scope and Content] Property in Cardinham, Colan, St. Columb
          Major, St. Columb Minor, St. Keverne, St. Mawgan-in-Pydar, Otterham, Padstow
          and Warleggan.

Treffry of Place
Catalogue Ref. TF
Treffry family of place, Fowey, Cornwall




         FILE  [no title] - ref.  TF/625  - date: 1 Dec. 1629
             [from Scope and Content] Geo. Kemisham of St. Keverne, gent.,
             to Thos. Talskethy of Wendron, yeo.

Catalogue Ref. T
Tremayne family of St Ewe, Cornwall




         FILE  [no title] - ref.  T/670  - date: 1st. October, 1808
             [from Scope and Content] (1) William Ivey Smith, p. St. Keverne,

Catalogue Ref. T
Tremayne family of St Ewe, Cornwall


   FILE  [no title] - ref.  T/1699  - date: 23rd October, 1664
       [from Scope and Content] Letter from John Pendarves to Lewis
       Tremaye asking for release of a 'William Rolfe who was taken up last night at St.
       Keverne to be prest and is sent to you at St. Mawes". Reason for release "he is
       very unfitt to make a mariner... he is a man that is not att all times in his right
       mind.... the lively hood of his mother depends upon his life...".

Catalogue Ref. X 805
Trewarthenick Estate, Cornwall

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  X 805/1  - date: 6 July 1898
    [from Scope and Content] Trewarthenick estate, in Cornelly,
    Ruanlanihorne, Probus, Veryan, St. Martin in Meneage, St. Keverne, Ludgvan,
    Phillack, Mawnan and St. Erth (4823 acres)

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  X 805/5  - date: 7 Oct. 1931
    [from Scope and Content] 1. Properties, with 25 inch O.S. reference
    number, description and acreage (Cornelly, Probus, Ruanlanihorne, Veryan,
    Ludgavan, Phillack, St. Keverne and Lincoln)

Catalogue Ref. V
Vyvyan family of Trelowarren, Cornwall



      FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/T/1/10  - date: 21st October 1598
          [from Scope and Content] Grant by Justinian Tallkarne of Tregonall,
          St. Keverne to Hannibal Vyvyan of Tolcarne in Camborne for £100.

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/T/1/19  - date: 14th February 1431/2
          [from Scope and Content] Richard Ferres and Robert Ferrers,
          capellanus grants to Johanna, widow of Richard Abbas, Richard Cornowe and
          Elizabeth his wife, lands in Herlywas, a croft in Penbegell in Trelowarren and right
          of pasture on Gonbyly and Parkferres on payment of 20s. rent. (Grade and St.
          Keverne) (repaired)

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/T/1/30  - date: 10th May 1309
          [from Scope and Content] Roger de Hyligi quitclaims to Laurence de
          Halap and Johanna his wife, of moor between road form Maennecras to Gwenter
          and road from Maennecras to Trelanvian and Bacon. (St. Keverne)


   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/T/2/9  - date: 20th October, 1626
       [from Scope and Content] William Marrett  &  Dorothy his wife, John
       Billing  &  Dionys his wife sell to Sir Francis Vyvyan lands in Helston; Berill,
       Kellemansack, Nono, Parnavese  &  Treludswith in Constantine; Chyrune in St.
       Keverne; Gwendra in Grade; Tendera in St. Anthony in Meneage for £200

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/T/2/11  - date: 7th June, 1643
       [from Scope and Content] Exemplification of fine by richard Cannock  &
       William Rolls v Francis Vyvyan concerning land in Mawgan, S. Martins, St.
       Keverne  &  Camborne

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/T/2/14  - date: 1st August, 1645
       [from Scope and Content] Lease for 1 year by Sir Richard Vyvyan to Sir
       Hugh Crocker  &  anthony Salter of Manor of Trelowarren  &  its lands, Skeburiow,
       Manor of Rosenython  &  lands in St. Keverne, Manor of Treviddren  &  Trenowin,
       Manor of Marghazewe  &  Brevanneck, moiety of manor of Illogan one eighth of
       Manors of Plympton  &  Okehampton.

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/T/2/25  - date: 29th June, 1671
       [from Scope and Content] Marriage settlement of Sir Vyell Vyvyan  &
       Thomasine Robins by James Robins  &  John Coode with Sir Wm. Godolphin,
       Michael Vyvyan  &  Lewes Tremayne concerning Manor of Roskorle  &  lands in St.
       Keverne, Mabe  &  Budock.

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/T/3/39  - date: 14th August, 1732
       [from Scope and Content] Marriage settlement of Loveday Bogan  &
       Thomas Vyvyan of Manore of St. Keverne  &  Predannack Wollas.

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/T/3/51  - date: 25th January, 1810
       [from Scope and Content] Grant in trust by Vyell Vyvyan to Thomas
       Grylls, John Borlase  &  Charles Scott of Manors of St. Keverne  &  Predannack
       Wollas to save them harmless for expenditure during lunacy of Sir Carew Vyvyan.

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/T/3/55  - date: 12th October, 1818
       [from Scope and Content] Reconvyance by John Borlase  &  Charles Scott
       to Sir Vyell Vyvyan of Manors of St. Keverne  &  Predannack Wollas.


   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/TT/2  - date: 1623-26
       [from Scope and Content] Lestowder, Budock, and Manglar, St. Keverne

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/TT/18  - date: 1562-68
       [from Scope and Content] Copy of deeds of Alexander Penhellick's
       property in Wendron, Helston, St. Ives. St. Keverne, Illogan, Gunwalloe, Probus,

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/TT/25  - date: 1600-1714
       [from Scope and Content] Carnhewis, Carnhough and Trevalsoe, St.Keverne

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/TT/26  - date: 1603-1816
       [from Scope and Content] Roskorwall, St. Keverne

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/TT/28  - date: 1557-1677
       [from Scope and Content] Manor of Trenoweth Chamond, St Keverne
       and St Anthony in Meneage

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/TT/30  - date: 1577-1802
       [from Scope and Content] St. Keverne - general

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/TT/31  - date: 1732-50
       [from Scope and Content] Manor of St. Keverne and Predannack Wollas, Grade

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/TT/32  - date: 1802-33
       [from Scope and Content] Manor of St. Keverne and Predannack Wollas, Grade

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/TT/33  - date: 1593-1621
       [from Scope and Content] Gwinter, St.Keverne


   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/TL/1  - date: 1712-1800
       [from Scope and Content] Manor of St. Keverne: Churchtown

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/TL/2  - date: 1705-1815
       [from Scope and Content] Manor of St. Keverne: Chywoon 1733-42 3 documents

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/TL/3  - date: 1739-93
       [from Scope and Content] Manor of St. Keverne: Landdenvean


   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/P/11  - date: 1815
       [from Scope and Content] Plan of Manor of St. Keverne by Chas. Moody

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/P/12  - date: nd
       [from Scope and Content] Plan of Manor of Rosenython, St. Keverne by
       John Hayward


   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/MR/8  - date: 1716-1827
       [from Scope and Content] St. Keverne: Court Notes 1722

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/MR/9  - date: 1737-1755
       [from Scope and Content] St Keverne and Predannack Wollas: rental

   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/MR/51  - date: 1827-36
       [from Scope and Content] Agreements for leases in Manors of Arrallas,
       Coswarth, Illogan, St. Keverne, Marazion, Mawgan, Merthen, Penwortha


   FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/EA/25  - date: 1826-1836
       [from Scope and Content] St Keverne Corn Account 1826



      FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/EC/37  - date: 1832
          [from Scope and Content] Poor Rate Valuation for St Keverne,
          Manaccan, St Anthony, Cury, Mullion, Ruan Major, Ruan Minor, Grade,
          Landewednack, St Martin, Gunwalloe, Crowan, Mabe, Constantine, Budock

   Estate Settlement

      FILE  [no title] - ref.  V/EC/51  - date: 1676-1790
          [from Scope and Content] Settlement of estate of Thomas Vyvyan of
          Trewen 1789, includes rentals of Manor of Predannack Wollas 1676, 1684, 1686,
          1730, 1739, 1771, 1789 and survey c. 1790, also rentals and presentments of
          Manor of St Keverne 1774, 1779, 1786, 1788-90 and survey 1790 - also will of
          Nicholas Bogan 1715


From the A2A Website - Documents held by Cornwall Record Office

The above records were compiled by Diane Donohue - On-line Parish Clerk